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At designer Anupama Dayal’s collection showcase, we spotted Nina Manuel being what else but her fierce self. And before you jump at our bias, lemme be the first to say we aren’t blind to the disaster that outfit would’ve been on almost everyone else, but on this off-duty model it just worked. She managed to make it look grungy and edgy all at once. And does anyone else see the irony in pairing that look with the Lady Dior bag? :P

The pictures below of Nina are in dresses fron Anupama’s collection that she tried on/modelled at the store. Am hoping she got to keep the yellow dress/tunic considering how great it looked on her.


Nina Manuel At Anupama Dayal’s Colection Showcase


Nina Manuel In Anupama Dayal’s Designs

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I know that you just said that you weren’t baised, but you are. Verrry biased. :-D Thats the only reason I can think of for you to justify/ like this look, because both of you usually have fab taste.

    Just to clarify I do NOT mean this in an offensive way at all!! I think your blog rocks and you guys are entilted to have your favourites and be a little biased. After all, it is your blog, you are only human and this is a completely subjective space.

    I don’t like any of the Anupama Dayal outfits she modeled and even less the bizarre getup she was originally in. I agree it would look a lot worse on anybody else, but it still doesnt look good on her, just less ridiculous.

    As for the Lady Dior bag, lusssssssssssst.

  2. Interesting… I didnt really care for cutout stuff — until now, that is. She has really really worked that shirt…and the leatherette leggings.
    As far as the other outfits…they are all meh according to me.

  3. Hell, NO!That tattered top from a clearance rack at charlotte russe and those godawful pants. No one can salvage such a disaster. Accept it guys,the bias works for Sonam, Nina and that desi designer lady whose name i don’t have the time to dig.;)

  4. i agree! she pulls off the first one flawlessly. i also like all the clothes she tried on. personally, i’d like the red one for myself. *sigh*

  5. Loving the black dress on her too. Only she could pull off that funky T-shirt. The ripped T-shirt, shiny skinny pants, and super heely shoes – don’t know how but she pulls it off nicely.

  6. Hate the way she looks!!! those red lips look really tacky (I actually have no words for the makeup) and so does the ripped t shirt and the shiny pants.. the only nice thing about the look is the lady dior and the shoes.. however those would have looked so much better paired with something else.

  7. Love the contrast between the Lady Dior bag & her edgy clothes.
    Though the shredded top is too much egde for my taste. A rocker tee would’ve look better in my opinion.


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