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Mumbai socialite Roohi Jaikishen hosted a previewing of Villeroy and Boch tableware where sister-in-law Farah was spotted wearing a gorgeous cobalt blue Stella McCartney dress.

I really love the dress but the look is so blah on Farah thanks to the hair and the shoes.


Farah Oomerbhoy at Villeroy and Boch Viewing

Photo Credit: glamsham

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  1. Didn’t Shilpa Shetty wear the same kind of shoes to the Miss India 2010 contest? I think she wore it with a Prashanth Verma dress. The shoes are Sergio Rossi Plaque sandal ankle boots.

  2. The hair could have been better, but I think she pulls it off. She has the perfect body type for something like this.
    Lovely collar bone!

  3. Purrrttyy dress! Nice colour and everything but the hair!! yuck man…they look so frumpy. I don’t really mind the shoes, but somehow,overall,it ain’t working for me.

  4. PnP, i agree something this look could have been bettered with better shoes and esp slightly whimsical hair.This is probably just how any other ordinary woman would have worn the dress.
    But i couldnt think of what exactly would look nice ? Any suggestions ?
    Gladitor shoes, or strappy high heeled one ?
    Pony tail or even long plaited hair..naah… or just tied up in a bun in a slightly OTT way ?

  5. First of all the shoes are Jimmy Choo, not sergio rossi. I would also like to see one of you “fashion critics” out there wearing this dress and actually looking good in it. and as for the hair, again i would like to see you out in 40 degrees heat and humidity, in the rain and still manage to look like that.

    • What all of us the “fashion critics” are pointing out is that the whole ensemble – the unstructured dress, the shoes, and that flat hair does not work on her and certainly wouldn’t work on us. She might be in good shape (hard to say from that tent like dress) and perhaps would look great in something else. The whole idea of fashion is dressing up in clothes that flatter your body type. Same thing with her hair style…this one makes her already long face even longer. I frankly find the dress quite boring and ugly and cannot think of anyone looking good in that shapeless mess. By the way, how is she in 40* heat and humidity? Doesn’t she step out of an A/C house to an A/C car and then to an A/C building? Is she made out of Popsicle that a mere action of walking to the door of the house is going to melt her?


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