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Prachi Desai was spotted promoting her movie Once Upon A Time In Mumbai wearing the same Zara pink dress we saw first on Kareena at the launch of the store.

Both accessorized with gold, Kareena by way of footwear and Prachi with a belt. On Kareena, I felt the dress needed a belt and now that I see Prachi wearing it with one, I like it better. Who do you like better?


Left: Kareena Kapoor at Zara Launch
Right: Prachi Desai at Once Upon A Time in Mumbai Promotions

Photo Credit: glamsham

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  1. I think it could be worn either way, depending on your body type. I would need a belt.
    I prefer Kareena because I feel like she pulls the look off better, but that has nothing to do with a lack of belt.

  2. I think Prachi has finally nailed a look! Better late than neva!
    I don’t believe I am actually writing these words.. but she does fair better than Kareena hands down where styling is concerned! Who would’ve imagined! Neck up you can’t really debate.. No1 can come close to Kareeena!

  3. Prachi’s dress should have been ironed or steamed to remove the wrinkles…then maybe it would have looked better than Kareena’s…

    Right now both are meh to me….

  4. this dress is the sort tat’d look good with or without a belt. but prachi wore the wrong belt! a broads belt wud’ve looked a loooot better. that being said, i don’t kareena at all in this dres….booooooooring. and prachi is also a snooze fest!

  5. I think the proper belt would have worked better for Prachi. Maybe a broader belt.

    Kareena looks great in this dress as it is.


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