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Once bitten, twice shy? Clearly, thats not the case here.


Esha Deol

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  1. Esha Deol really lacking of dress sense! I don’t really understand why they do so? They’re the celebrities and the society especially the young generations follow them. Really very shameful!

  2. Ummm I don’t think this is a WTHeyy personally… yeah, her bra is showing, accentuating her boobs… but other than that, I think she looks nice. Esha is actually one of the actresses who dresses like a normal girl out there… her dressing is very casual.

  3. You know I’m beginning to think these people do know what’s going on… and they prefer to let it happen. Another way of getting attention maybe… whadyaknow!

  4. Surprisingly, she does not look so whattthehey.although she is doing one… Esha has potential to really accentuate her toned figure. She hould get a stylist and get her young, hip, fit image in place.

  5. Esha just dosen’t have the star power no matter how hard she tries , her neutral expression is that of boredom or snoot . She maybe to look at if you forget that she is a wanabe attitude laden sexy star.


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