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Malini Ramani has a fan! ;) Should it really surprise us that Ms. Kapoor wore her favorite designer of the moment again? Not really. The fact that Ekta ditched her favorite pair, now that’s a surprise.

Ekta Kapoor At Success Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • Totally :)
      Other than the small matter of the shoe in particular being a size too small for her feet :D
      Nevertheless, nice sack Miss E :D

  1. Whats with her pose??!! Hahaha! But ya…the shoes are a welcome change…I see her quite often at restaurants and the woman lives in those ugly platforms of hers!

  2. Miracles do happen! Finally! and she looks spunky! Glad she realized she is capable of so much more than walking around like a zombie :D

  3. My O My.. i nvr thought i ll gt 2 c it in ths life.. a change in footwear..
    though if she has ny foot issue.. these footwear look really inappropriate.
    n i really dnt like ths dress.. neither the longer version nor ths shorter one..
    n m i seeing her poutin as well..:o

  4. whats with the weird pose in picture #1??

    looks like she is wearing a fistfull of rigns and wants to get them ALL in the photos.

    ugly dress. ugly shoes.

  5. thats the first thing i noticed and wanted to see…scrolled over to her feet to check the shoes….and thank god she’s wearing decent footwear!!!!…thats makes up for the funny expressions and the dress , which is really not looking good on her!!!


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