In Hamda Al Fahim

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Wearing a metallic strapless gown by Hamda Al Fahim, Disha attended the Elle Beauty Awards. One look at the hemline and I knew this was a modification and finding the original from the lookbook only went on to confirm it.

Now, that I’ve seen both, I think she would’ve looked much better in the original version! She really missed on an opportunity to shine. Pun not intended. :P

Disha Patani

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  1. She’s one of the worst dressed people on this site, and that’s saying something. She looks like she draped a sheet around herself and came.

  2. For someone with so much potential , she always lets herself down. Its not always necessary to show the legs. A wasted opportunity..

  3. Short or long length doesn’t matter, this is a silly gown!
    as if you have draped a fancy curtain over your bra, when suddenly someone entered your room and you are in your lingerie.

  4. Hideous gown…the bustline is so revolting. How do people even come up with such designs and its even more shocking that people actually wear them.


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