Day 2: Namrata Joshipura

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Namrata Joshipura’s collection left me with mixed feelings. I can’t decide if overall, I like the collection or not! That doesn’t help much I know, but let me elaborate, and then you can make up your mind for yourselves!

I loved the sequence in white! Structured fits, clean lines! And those jackets were really nicely done with broad belts, waisted high, wide and deep necklines, and well detailed sleeves.. But then came the sequence of of metallic dresses, eclectic colors, butterfly dresses and sequins. Lots of sequins. I get the concept, but it was such a tired concept! I didn’t see anything fresh there..

The polka dots were fun, especially when used in jackets! It gave the quintessential-bomber-jacket-structure a lot more youthful and street-chic appeal! But then there were those dresses with flower motifs. With a shimmer here and there. Which just didn’t work…

So now you know, why I can’t make up my mind..

For more pictures of the show go Here


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