Day 1: Anjana Bhargav

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There were no happy mediums in Anjana Bhargav’s show, either you really hated a piece or you really loved it. Her collection was titled, ‘Revival’ and the first thing that immediately pops out at you is its organic, earthy vibe! There was again that ‘white’ which seems to be really a dominant hue in all collections so far, but there were also golds, powdery blues, pinks, greens, beiges…all pastel shades dusted with subtle metallic.

I loved a couple of those gold dresses. Beautiful shapes, and the subtlity of the metallic gold brings it out even more. Its one of those shades that works spectacularly with all skin colors! Its hard to find something to dislike about the Saris sequence too, they were all crafted exquisitely..

The long tunics and pants (salwar-kameezes?) were quite uninspired. Especially the ones in white. While they were simple, very wearable, they were also quite done and tired. There was really nothing fresh about the idea! The long dresses just didn’t work. Neither did the long jackets over the dresses.. And those baskets?

Like I said.. what was good, was very good. There were no happy mediums.

For more pictures of the show go Here


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