In James Ferreira

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Carol attended a recent event in James Ferreira. And though the model pulled off the look to some degree of success, we can’t help but think it looked forced. This one is a ‘Not Quite’.


Left: James Ferreira, Fall 2011
Right: Carol Gracias At F-Bar’s F In Focus On Manish Malhotra Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I get a weird illusion that the dress would keep going higher and higher the more you go to the right side, and by the time you reach the back, it will almost hit your waist line!

  2. Carol always appears to me that she is going to sneeze any moment, something about her expression!

    She does no justice to the (strictly okay looking) dress which looks pretty nice on the model. Also the lack of the second panel on the bottom half of the dress is not quite a right move…makes the dress look incomplete.

    Why I say Not quite right, vs wrong is because, the second panel on the model looks off as well with a tummy bulge, thanks to the pleats on the inside panel.

  3. the fact that shez a model works against her in this look seeing her drooped shoulders … a model must never appear in a bad posture. but anyways, besides th eposture .. she just shouldn’t have strung the bag around like that. it looks like it’s too late, she’z too pissed, she wants to throw a shoe at the camera folks.

    • Hahhaha! She always looks like that actually! And I agree with Trupti when she said Carol does justice to the dress in a way only a model can!

  4. hahaha.. n tht cross body bag looks so hilarious.. as if a small kid is carrying a water bottle round his neck..
    can’t help comparing.. ROFL

    though i must say dress look much better on carol than on model over runway..
    bt the tin bag did it for her ;) :p

  5. Why it’s not being worn like that of the model is beyond my understanding. Also in 2nd pic, she is looking like a mannequin with giving out thoughts like: jo pehnaana hai, jaise pehnaana hai, pehnaa do..Bas! :P


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