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Anushka has been busy promoting Zero this past week and sported quite a few outfits while at it. Have a favorite so far?

In Johanna Ortiz, Yvonne Bosnjak and Atsu Sekhose

In Aarti Vijay Gupta and Aligne (top) & Ridhi Mehra (pants)

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Truly a sartorial delight ! Truly inspiring and artistic dressing. Modern, edgy,elegant, effortlessly dramatic.
    This is more than love. This is awe.

    • 10000%! P&P don’t want to ruffle feathers, that’s why for A listers, they leave their comments open ended in a positive tone. Let’s see if this gets posted or filtered.

    • Their tagline is ‘Your fashion fix” so its our fashion fix, we make the comments, we criticize or love it. These days they do nothing other than posting the images which can be seen in other forums too.

  2. I look forward to Anushka’s movies only for the promotional events. I love how her stylist always seems to think OOTB and never deters to try different designers while still maintaining a grounded sense of style one can associate Anushka to.

  3. I think the main purpose of this blog is missing. Most of the blogs end with u asking readers about the opinion..where is ur opinion ? It really seems lazy writing..

  4. Love all of her outfits, its sad that she does not feature on this website as much. A combined post for all of her looks since last week but for other actressses they get single posts as soon as it happened. Anushka’s latest travel looks as well are not in here.

  5. She is one of the few who doesnt stick to dressing like the role she plays in the movie while promoting it and that is a good thing.. From sui dhaga to now.. she is nailing the looks.. smart, chic, and like a boss..

    • + 1000
      I know right? everyone else features here as soon as there are pics on other websites but Anushka’s take a week to feature here and its all combined. She is rocking her promotion looks and I agree with you, they each deserve a separate post. Check out her latest one today!

      • Hi Anjum,
        We are two every day folks who run the website and have personal lives and our day jobs. This website has always been a side gig and sometimes we can get to posts on time, some time we cannot.

        • Hi Payal, I check this website everyday and for the last week, all of Sara Ali Khan’s looks, Parineeti and so many others were posted even though Anushka’s looks were out before. I am not telling you not to have a personal life. I just voiced my opinion on how I have noticed that Anushka’s posts are Always late. She is an A lister and has great sense of style. I think her posts are well needed here as a lot of us really enjoy seeing her fresh posts here along with others. just my 2 cents! dont take it personally!

  6. I’m loving the Ortiz and Bosnjak looks so much, very fierce…Her makeup is always on point,no gimmicky posing, styling is understated yet impactful. This girl has truly is a style icon for me.


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