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Amrita attended the Poonawalla party on Saturday evening wearing a Vionnet cutout dress paired with a Proenza Schouler clutch and black pumps.

This wasn’t going to be an easy dress to pull off, and perhaps with a retro do and just the red lip, Amrita might have. As is though, wasn’t a fan of the messy ponytail and overdone blush.

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  1. What a mess. Not just the blush but generally her face has been dipped in vat of makeup. But nothing is more distracting than the hair which also falls to 2 sides like the dress. Its all too nuch

  2. This dress looks so tacky!
    Like an experiment straight out of a garment construction class!
    Much prefer how it is displayed on the model with that inner blouse. And what is with the hair and makeup?
    Was the party theme to look like Ms. Poonawalla herself??

  3. Ew. I don’t like the dress even the way the model is wearing it. And Amrita with the bad makeup and styling only makes it worse.

  4. Only someone like Natasha Poonawala, by virtue of owning a super petite frame, can salvage this horrendous dress. Amrita could have done better by keeping the lining on like the model. As is, it looks super tacky coupled with her crass makeup and styling/

  5. omg..only arora sisters can wear such dresses. WTHeyyy….
    We all know she had great body, does not need to wear anything just to flaunt it. Top knot looks like it is strangling her… and agree with one of posters, model with inner black lining looks better. Makeup hair is just making it worse.

  6. I don’t mind the dress . I think it’s interesting . But that’s too much make up and terrible hair colour . Ruins everything. She has lovely skin , what’s need to paint it so much

  7. a failed flawed jigsaw puzzle dress trying to impress but failing miserably. why o why? shes caught between kareena natasha and malaika and reaches nowhere. Stay simple and sweet, thats what suits you, young lady

  8. Tackfest as always…this dress is really shady but Amrita Arora can turn just about anything tacky with her styling. The amount of makeup on her face and that horrendous hair colour is enough.

  9. This untidy look coming from Amrita that is part of a whatsapp group commenting on everyone elses fashion choices . lol (Karan mentioned on a tv show that him, Amrita, Malaika and Kareena are part of such a whatsapp group). I saw it on Firstpost channel on youtube.


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