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Priyanka attended the Chanel dinner in L.A. on Saturday evening wearing Chanel, but of course. At first glance, the hairdo felt a bit odd to me, just because it made her face look so small throwing proportions off, especially since she didn’t wear the belt with the jumpsuit at the event itself.

But, the more I look at it, the less I mind it. What did you think?

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  1. What biased opinions. The jumpsuit is clearly ill fitted at the waist and the thighs. The length is totally off..the neckpeice is So tacky that i just wish i could forget it.

    • Are we seeing the same picture? Or are you talking about the little crease to the side as she tilts? Because that is meant to happen with fabric…

  2. My favorite look of hers was when she did jimmy Fallon in an LBD (the chicken wing contest episode). It was minimalist yet so sexy and classy at the same time. I wish she would do more of the same. She is rocking the outfit here, fine- but the necklace and glasses why tho?

  3. What happened to the face, is it the makeup, is it the hair, something looks different here.

    Just unrecognizable in the first set of pics. Looks like PC has a duplicate

    • The hair and makeup is ageing her.

      She killed that outfit. Its too snug but it would have passed with easy breezy hair and simple makeup. But the pink lips with pink glasses looks confused with this otherwise rather serious outfit. Its too short, too tight and its giving mixed vibes . And god knows why they added the necklace

  4. She manages to carry off the outfit without it pinching in the wrong places, but the styling…oh.. the horror. I call stylist-refund. Nothing more to say.

  5. Hair’s off, makeup looks off, necklace and shades totally unnecessary, inner wear showing , shoes could have been better…….who the hell styled her?

  6. A Recipe for Disaster :

    Ill-fitting jumpsuit at least 5 sizes small – one (look at the pockets and the fit around the tummy to understand what I’m saying)
    Ewwwwww – worthy sunglasses – one
    Bangs with tacky highlights – two
    Horrible pink lipstick – one
    Boring satin shoes – a pair
    Tacky cheap plastic look-alike necklace – one each
    Disco belt – one
    Showy bra – one
    Cheap-looking, see-through bag – one
    Class – Nil

    Blend ingredients 1 to 10 well in a processor till you get the ‘rocking tacky look’. Serve cold!

    – Chef Priyanka, writing from Chanel dinner, L.A

  7. Agree that the jumpsuit is not fitting and makes her look heavier and shorter than she is. but I am not able too get past the hair,make up and sunglasses LOL

    I have a question – How did she get that hairstyle ? Is wearing a wig or hair extensions cos it looks so artificial ?

  8. hmmm……. NO ….Sorry even PRI fails here and Chanel certainly does. I do feel Karl Lagerfeld is experimenting too much and not succeeding. Chanel is becoming tacky but Pri does not have to


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