Hot For Pink

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It is kind of of cute to how excited Ms. Patel is about her hot pink Hermès Birkin that even while sitting she posed with it.

Who knows, maybe we would be too, if we had one. :P The operative word being If.

Ameesha Patel At Harvey Nichols

Photo Credit: Twitter

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  1. The problem with reporters and now bloggers is that they think whatever they think is right and whatever is in front of them in the form of a pic is the absolute reality .You guys don’t want to think beyond that, well why would you coz that ain’t gonna create some gossip right. Isnt there a possibilty that Miss Patel just sat with the bag still in her hand and at the same moment someone clicked a pic so that it could be use to fill columns of some stupid magazines or blog. Anyways your blog is boring like hell.

  2. Is it just me or does anyone else find the birkin bags ugly? I mean, in any color. Something must be wrong with me :-( I haven’t read anyone write here that they don’t like them.

  3. I prefer hermes “kelly” also known as “bagwati”!!! not a birkin fan, it’s hard to get in and out of that’s why most people keep them open!!! see amisha has done the same!

    • I agree! This color bag really does suit her, great choice! She looks sweet.. for some reason this bag is really upping her likability factor for me all of a sudden :| I’m scared about what this says about me as a person.


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