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It’s been a busy busy week for Ms. Kapoor but we aren’t complaining because we got to see some really gorgeous Pankaj & Nidhi and Anamika Khanna suits on her.

Got a favorite?

In Pankaj & Nidhi
Left: In Delhi
Right: In Kanpur

In Anamika Khanna
Left: In Chandigarh
Center & Right: In Delhi

Photo Credit: Twitter

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  1. I love Sonam in Indian attire! She looks the best. No matter how stunning she looks in her Choos and Lanvin, these earthy looks beat them all. Love the hair styles…super cute! Like both the white ones.

  2. Make-up usually looks effortless on most actresses. But on Sonam Kapoor, what shows up most is the make-up. In the last pic, especially, she looks like a kid who has put on make-up for the first time, it shows up so badly. I think she needs a new make-up artist.

    • I think it’s the lighting. A lot of her makeup is for the camera when they interview her, etc.. when that light shines, the makeup is automatically toned down. Otherwise, in phone cameras, etc.. that do not have good flash, the makeup will look very loud.

  3. Love the printed Anamika Khanna, and her styling for it. She looks lovely in all the outfits. I don’t really understand the “kid wearing make-up” comment, we have seen most other Bollywood actresses caked up for everything, much unlike Sonam.

  4. Sonam looks lovely in each outfit. I do have a problem with makeup but not all of the time. I wonder if it’s the type of make-up, does she have to wear L’oreal as an ambassador? If so then it’s the brand. Aside from this complaint Sonam is a very beautiful girl who looks great in just about everything!

  5. shes so beautiful she can wear anything and work it. I love all of them. she wears lot of makeup cuz she likes 2 experiment . i dont think it ever luks bad though. i dont think she can luk bad.

  6. I love u HHC but god u guys are so lazy. She wore this unique salwaar kameez with interesting embroidery details on sleeves, chest n waist area i saw on some other site (wont mention the url) the other day.

  7. Would like to draw your attention to the bottom right pic ( green dupatta with embroidery). It definitely looks like an Anuradha Vakil and not Anamika Khanna.
    She looks gorgeous in all of them…


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