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In Berlin for her movie’s premiere at the Film Festival, Alia gave us two appearances in Dior.

For the photocall it was a red Dior suit which she finished out with nude pumps. Loved the look on her but for that wee issue with the trouser length. A quick hem job and it would’ve been perfect!

For the premiere, Alia kept it simple in a black gown. Side-swept hair and a McQueen clutch finished out her look. She looked nice but it almost felt like a lost opportunity. Would’ve been great to see her take a chance and pick something younger, even bolder!


Alia Bhatt
Left: At Highway Premiere, Berlin Film Festival
Centre, Right: Photo call, Berlin Film Festival

Photo Credit: Twitter

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  1. Agree with you on the younger part for the black gown but she looked incredible in it! Loved the hair and the makeup its simple and fresh! The suit look on the other side i just cant seem to like! That horible top inside with the blue fish tail or whatever poking through I just dont get! If the suit was altered and taken in, paired with a different top or even just a cute bralet would’ve been yong and perfection imo ;D

  2. It was quite surprising when Alia said that Parineeti needs a stylist, considering how off she goes in her choice of clothes. Having said that, what’s with these odd length trousers that Bollywood stars think they can get away with. Even PC did a faux pas like this recently. Surely there are people at hand for a last minute nip and tuck.

    • I think she needs a style guide for dummies and not parineeti…I disklike the red suit…especially the length…and the black gown is done so many times for international events…Dislike!

  3. Both looks are extremely underwhelming considering this was her first international event. She should have stepped it up a notch.
    P&P you guys have still not featured Priyanka’s Koesche striped dress she wore to Dubai press interview.

  4. Not just trouser but fit of the coat is also off here. Also the nude pumps are not at all impressive and does not add anything to the look. Major Downer

  5. Disagree with you here .. the suit look is not looking good .. She looks much better in the black gown .. if only she had paired it with some funky neon colored or solid colored accessories.

  6. black was a safe outfit .. she looks lovely.. red outfit was a bit officey and not really her size. Can you pls id the top that she wore with the red suit.

  7. The red suit is bad, especially the length. Nude pumps too boring and messy hair not working.
    The black gown is pretty but then again too safe.

  8. The red suit is a mess……..doesn’t feel like a designer piece…..pant length aside ….even the jacket doesn’t fit right…….and agree with your comment about the dress…..could’ve done much better……though she looks nice ….it is too safe and boring an option…..


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