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Aishwarya helped inaugurate a watch company store in Kuwait as part of her ambassador duties and later on attended an interview session wearing a gold gown by Fjolla Nila.

Wish we had a full-length because she looked good and I was loving that pop of color by way of the eye-liner.

Aishwarya Rai

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  1. Oh wow. This is amazing. Taking away that overdone red lip has also made her eyes sparkle and even that non-color dress manages to help play up her eyes and face. Plus the shorter hair helps.

    Imagine if she had a dress in that blue of the background, though? I think that middle picture — that lighting, the background — helps set her skin and face off much better than anything else.

  2. This is just not fair. Are Indian people only deserving of volume, bling and misshapen clothes?
    LOOK at her! I MEAN LOOK AT HER.
    Really, why this double standard?

  3. I wonder whether she needed to have the neckline adjusted to make it appropriately modest for Kuwait. A little bit of décolleté would have helped make this look glamorous. As is, it looks a bit ‘mother of the bride’.

    • If it looks fine adjusted, I do not see a problem with adjustment. On this gown it does not look forced. Why force anyone to show décolleté even if only that alone would make it glamorous? May be she felt better this way??
      She looks so pretty!

    • Agree closing the neckline threw off the contemporary nature of the silhouette, the original design is better as shown on the model with the plunging neckline
      I think another commenter mentioned it looks frumpy and I suspect this is the reason.
      Otherwise she’s looking great!!


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