Aishwarya at Cannes 2013: Cleopatra Premiere

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After black and white, Aishwarya gave us quite the pop of color on the red carpet in a teal Gucci Première gown with hot pink lips. And that’s where the love for this look ended.

We know, we’ve been asking for an updo from Aish on the red carpet from day one but this isn’t what we were looking for. The sculptural do was too high for the look and looked weird. A softer lower bun and this look would’ve been a two thumbs up from us. Oh wait, make that a four thumbs.


Aishwarya Rai at Cannes 2013: Cleopatra Premiere


Aishwarya Rai at Cannes 2013: Cleopatra Premiere

Photo Credit: Daylife

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    • agree..the updo to me is fashion wow..i am glad she is experimenting and not sticking to weird hair from yesterday…

    • I’m not sure what’s wrong with the look. I think she looks incredible. Sure the updo isn’t quite so conventional, but she makes it work.
      I love it when she tones the glitter down and lets her natural beauty shine through.

  1. I literally “laughed out loud” after looking at this picture. That hairdo!!! She looks less Indian and more Chinese in this one.

    • I don’t like this hair do, but I don’t understand the “chinese” comment. Indians are allowed to pick any look they want, not stick to what is stereotypically desi. This hair would suit a girl with a slimmer, longer face. I think its kind of “sanyasin” hair actually, and can se it with some ochre Osho robes.

      • I don’t mean the Chinese comment as a bad one. Lot of chinese women are drop dead gorgeous.
        It was just an observation… like the one I would make if someone went with a beach blond hair color. That is all.

      • There is nothing funny about looking chinese…its just a remark…why does one need to be so politically correct these days? If a chinese woman on the red carpet had a bindi and someone said it looks indian…what is the problem with it?? chill…its just a remark…
        IMO that hairdo looks awful on her. in the Elle print edition the lights carried the look for her, the Riviera sun didnt help her ;) she looks frumpy even with exceptional makeup…the look is not equal to the sum of its parts. It only works in bits and pieces. Good make up, bold colour choice, but not altogether a good look.

        • The last couple of days have been crazy on HHC; tempers flaring, comments flying, pitting actors against each other…all this is making me wish for those peaceful pre-Cannes days when we ridiculed bad fashion choices in unity. :P

  2. Love love love this look!! The colour is divine, the make-up is fantastic, and the hair provides the drama to an otherwise normal look. It is sooooo nice to see her out of her comfort zone after so long, I will take this over all the stupid layers of fabric and hair she has been drowning in for the last 2 years. I guess they realized you don’t need a tiara to look like a queen. The colour of the lipstick is fab too! Yay, a complete YAY!

  3. the hair just ruined the look so completely that its hard to look past it. the makeup is beautiful and even though the dress is nothing to write home about, the color’s so pretty, this would’ve been an A+ had the hair been normal. but ash wouldn’t be ash without her ‘touches’, now would she?

    • i agree. She is one beautiful woman. I love that she does’t care to impress her critics and has embraced her curves and figure after having a baby. I have so much respect for her and think she looks fab!

      • when sonam opts different hairdo, its get instant like but when ash experiments u call its weird.. its so unfair..according to me this is one of the best look ever, i totally love the look. 10 out of 10…

    • Well said. P&P try to make it seem like they are hair stylists but seriously, its always the same ‘side braid’ or ‘low bun’ or ‘too heavy for this look’. What does that even mean?? C’mon, give some actual constructive feedback that goes with the fashion or don’t attempt it at all.

      • I totally agree with u !! wat with the same ole bun or braid being the only hair styles in PnP’s repertoire of hairstyles?? If sonam kapoor did this.. it would be be applauded !! why this discrimination against ash ? !! ash is making an attempt and lets recognise that !! she has come a long way these last few days !!

  4. much much better. She looks good when she dresses like she actually LIKES her body as it is now. The gown is nice enough and the make up is much less cakey than before. The location of the topknot is slightly silly but suchhhhh an improvement over the “Churail just back from the salon” hair style of the dreadful AbuJani look.
    Aishwarya embrace your body and dress for it, dont hide it under acres of ugly clothes.

  5. Gotta disagree. The updo is what takes the look from “standard-pretty” to “major fashion moment.” Adore this look from head to toe.

  6. She looks gorgeous here but imho I think her best appearance at Cannes this year was at the l’oreal portrait session wear she wore black trousers and bright red lips.

  7. She looks really different and not in a good way … can’t even look at her face. Is it just the weird hairdo (which is definitely a No-No with a chubby face) or the make-up? What happened to her big beautiful eyes? Disappointing!

    Someone rightly said – dress a per your age, body type, and personality! And that’s why, in spite of Vidya being repetitive … stood out so charmingly in the red carpet.

    • Can we not have constant comparisons with Vidya Balan. Both the ladies have never been known for their fashion sense. Both are incredibly successful and confident woman. Let’s celebrate the difference. Sonam is sonam or aishwarya is aishwarya because there is only one of them. Constant comparisons are not healthy. And most importantly aishwarya and vidya may not be great dressers but still they are never tacky.

      • WOW Tanya! Well said. I am not a big fan of either but agree with you. These two are among the few hardworking women actors in industry who are there on their merit.

      • Cool down people … thoughts are flying far and wide :) ! This is a fashion blog and not a blog lauding successful women (and men)! Who is even questioning their success and confidence? Here, we compare fashion … that’s why there are polls comparing people; that’s why there are WTHeyyy posts on successful women and men; and that’s why there are posts praising no-so-successful celebs.

        • You have to admit though Indians and Indian media have this strange need to compare people. They always pit celebrities against each other do you know how many stories Indian media ran comparing Aish to Vidya or Sonam? And so many ppl are trying to compare Vidya and Aish on HHC. You never see western media or Hollywood pit celebrities against each other like this UNLESS they were caught wearing the same dress. They respect the fact that everyone is their own person.

  8. Phew!! finally we got to see something different…this one gets a thumbs up from me.we have not seen ash wearing a diiff look in past some blue moons….i for a change like the lip colour and the hair do as it me only??

  9. adding to what i said above…love the make up !!! although that clutch is a different story altogether..but i’ll let it pass..just because this is something fresh :P

  10. Two thumbs up for change of look….isnt that fashion all about after all…..Zillion times better than her tent looks….Yayy Aish is backkk..!!

  11. Doesnt she do a final check before she steps out to events like these??:( what a gorgeous face and look what she does to it!!

  12. She is looking amazing. The hairdo is dramatic and thus there will be different opinions about it. She is looking great and super confident. The pink lips are magic. When she can look this good why does she ever needs to wear anarkalis. Plus the heavy anarkalis make her look bigger than she is. There are a couple of more appearances lined for her. There is amfar gala where she is wearing TARUN TAHILIANI and the charity ball in austria.

  13. The hair maybe too high…but that face, make-up, color of dress saves it all. This look by far is the best one this Cannes.

  14. And can we not have constant comparisons with Vidya Balan. Both the ladies have never been known for their fashion sense. Both are incredibly successful and confident woman. Let’s celebrate the difference. Sonam is sonam or aishwarya is aishwarya because there is only one of them. Constant comparisons are not healthy.

  15. Ugh I don’t care.This has to be my favorite fashion moment from her. It is so unexpected, with the color, the updo, the gown. LOVE LOVE LOVE>

  16. There r pros and cons to this look . Pro- it’s a very welcome change and at last she is comfortable in her own skin . She was ridiculed last yr and this time she sure shut everyone up . I like the dramatic hair .
    Make up looks fine from afar but is very cakey and heavy close up .
    My only problem though is the satin material . Why wear something so clingy and unforgiving . Isn’t shiffon in fashion anymore . Every lump and bump is on display and that isn’t necessary if u pick the right materials – it’s simple , basic fashion rules .
    Surprised that she chose this particular material when she had dressed more intelligently before this .

    • Just when she did what everybody was creating an overwhelming din about, that is “embraced her curves” ,the “lumps and bumps” comments begin…says something major about the populace doesn’t it?

      • +1

        Funny how this look of hers has been featured on international sites with mostly positive comments praising her look & most importantly not making comments about her weight.
        The negative comments are mostly from Indians who are highly criticial and judgmental. Says a lot about Indians doesn’t it?

  17. She looks good, however the problem with tight hair dos, way from the face is that unless you are super young and slim, it is a look that is both ageing and makes the face look fatter tthan usual. Vidya’s looks (except the earth toned sari) had the same problem. If you highlight cheek bones, there should be cheek bones.

  18. The color is nice.
    Make up is nice
    Hair- she needs to have a skinnier face to pull that look.
    Material of the dress: Chandni Chowk has better material

  19. Love it too!! What a pleasant surprise and every single thing works. She just gave “mooh-tod” jawaab to all those people who kept asking for a change. Go Aishwarya!!

  20. I think she looks stunning. The color is absolutely unexpected, and the pink lips are divine. The hair could have been less severe, but the dress was simple and so it needed some drama with the hair. I am no Ash fan, but have to give where credit is due. I love it that she is finally embracing her new body and shape (which looks great btw), and not hiding behind tents of cloth. This I can get board with… I hope she continues with this run even after she is back.

    • That is wishing for too much my friend? The only time she is willing to take a decent amount of risk is in the Cannes…the moment she sets foot on desi soil, back to her trusty maudlin tents..apne sare armaan saal mein ek baar Cannes mein hi pura karlo…she doesn’t consider India worth the hassle..

  21. While it may not be my cup of tea, it is certainly a high fashion moment
    To give credit where it’s due, she pulls it off with her confidence here
    The color is fab but the dress itself is forgettable so if not for the hair this wouldn’t be noticeable
    I’m so glad she did something unexpected
    And to all the “chubby faces can’t pull this hairdo off” – seriously?! Based on the comments on this site only women who are thin are allowed to experiment with their looks (reference: every single post involving avantiks Malik)…anyone with a bit of meat on them should follow a strict code aka “dressing for your body type”
    Never hear that for skinny girls
    Sorry about the rant but the amount of mock towards women with curves in the comments on this site (always veiled as politically correct advice) depresses me

    • I concur…had someone like Neha Dhupia or Sonam done this look, it would have been instantly forgotten, so mediocre is it..just the fact that its someone who has never worn any other shade of lipstick other than brown, and holds the record for having gone the longest without wearing her hair up…its worth being encouraged…the amount of contradictory comments here alternating between “embrace your curves Ash” and “face way too chubby for that kinda hair” is disgusting, all the venom hidden behind suave erudition and protected by spell-check..

    • she looked good then. the hairstyle better suited those dresses.
      But the tight updo does not suit the soft dress. The color of the dress is nice but the material is not that good.

  22. I love the colors and she looks stunning! First look no complaints, just the pleasure of striking colors on a beautiful woman. On second look, yup that too-high bun looks all kinds of funny. Croydon facelift gone rogue!

  23. There certainly is drama, just not the good kind. She’s too much of a moon-face to work that hairdo. Props for a way better fit and looking comfortable in her own skin!

  24. Are you serious? She hit it out the ball park with this look!! The gown, makeup and hair all create an AHA moment on the red carpet! Love!

  25. Not feeling the hair – coupled with the eye makeup, makes her look a bit alienish (which, theoretically could be a good thing, but not here) and yes, I think this hair is quite unflattering. Something less severe would have looked great.

    Other than the hair, though, I quite like this – love the colour, the lips, and the dress itself – very happy that she wore something that was more fitted, and she looks fab in it. I truly hope this means more regular respite from the floor-length anarkalis that overwhelm this gorgeous lady.

  26. I actually liked the retro and dramatic hair do. Love the lip color. I am not a fan of the outfit color and material. Good to see her confidence slowing coming back.

  27. Why am I the only one who feels the hair look is connected to the premiere she is attending .Cleopatra , Queen Nefertiti etc. Right ?

  28. Yes that updo is ridiculous. I don’t even like the makeup or the lippy. After the Elie Saab gown and the press call outfit, the rest have been downers. But this Cannes, I am cheering for the Aishwarya who has got her mojo back. Nothing else really matters.

  29. Don’t like the material of the gown and really hate the hairdo! Is it my imagination, or can you actually see the spandex tights underneath?

  30. I love the lip colour and dont mind the hair. But i think the gown is ordinary and am not sure if the fabric choice was good. Especially in some closeups, i wish Ash wore a bra cos your could “see” things not ideal for a red carpet.

  31. pls upload her other appearances as well. One with the black suit and red lips and day 1 appearance in the skirt

  32. “A softer lower bun and this look would’ve been a two thumbs up from us. Oh wait, make that a four thumbs.”

    i don’t agree with u HHC wht i love about this look is her top knot bun..a softer lower bun would’ve been a boring choice i love the fact she took risk and she looked stunning!! this look is soo much better than her looks at cannes! this is how its done!

  33. HHC why do you have to be so harsh on her? she looks amazing. other blogs eg Red Carpet Fashion Awards have posted rave reviews. stop hating on her its getting really old.

  34. considering she is at cannes as the l’oreal ambassador.. its a pity that her makeup is bad… to put it mildly

  35. She is looking so so different.. she has started to try new colors and hairdo… after those boring hair which cover her face … and this hairstyle is looking diffenet on her… appreciate her as she has started to experiment… unlike Ms. Balan.

  36. Chinese look good with this hair do, but Aish whats wrong with you. Everything doesnt suit everyone….and this hair do is not meant for you. The gown looks good though.

  37. Here she looks really nice. I don’t like that lip coulour but it looks good on her. The colour is really lush on her. Yes, agree with dinks up there, why so harsh?

  38. She looks amazing!!! I love the teal color and the lip color contracts. I don’t mind the hair, i think she is working it.

  39. At first I didn’t really like the hair..But more I look at the pictures the hair don’t seem so much of a problem.I think she makes them work.
    But how beautiful is this lady..The color looks divine on her and the pink lips..Sizzling :P
    The makeup is so PERFECT..Look at those eyes.Sigh..I don’t think hair can create any hurdle when you can hardly look past this gorgeous face :)
    Love the look and its a two thumbs up from my side (y)

    • them? hair is singular not plural! jeepers!

      anyway, I have to say i agree wholeheartedly with the rest of your comments!:)


    oh my god i cant stop laughing!

    this is the ugliest look i have seen in a loooong time.

    oh have mercy, aishwariya! stop, stop, please stop!

  41. She looks effing amazing. Compare this to last year, she hit out of the ball park, hoooome run. You guys are WAY too hard on her, had it been Neha Dhupia, Sridevi or Sonam in this exact dress, makeup and hairdo, y’all would be applauding this, esp the hair.

  42. i give her credit for looking different in most of her appearances… and the bun- not such a problem for me, she looks good

  43. 86 comments! whew! proves that the lady cannot go unnoticed. having said that, what is the need for a weird accessory/hairdo etc for our bollywood actresses (with some exceptions)…

  44. She is looking very polished here full marks on not overloadn d look wd jewels. loved her hairstyle dat those pink lips rocks.

  45. Finally something different..
    I do like the gown and makeup..
    Enough have been said about the hairdo. I am not a big fan of it, but I am glad that she is trying to step out of her comfort zone.

  46. If one has access to the best designer wear, best makeup artists n products, (hopefully) expert style experts, and a Full career being in front of the cameras, and still ends up making the most bizarre choices of personal presentation at a public platforms, desi or videshi … there is no excuse to “get-by”. There could be a couple of bad days, granted, but..then how often does she not know what is Best for Her ?
    Compare the black trousers and YSL dress-skirt thing…she looked more confident & comfortable since she knew whatever was meant to be covered, was well concealed in those dresses. Here, she looks more “pushed” .. to be someone she is not comfortable being anymore. Why force yourself to do something .. maybe wait for some more time to get back in confidence, and then start being the role-model woman. A big part of your job is to look Good, and that works if you FEEL good. Be a fabulous 40 year old …
    Imagine, most people having a real job, don’t they need to do it well (or as good as possible) on MOST days, even if it is routine and mundane. Sorry for the rant… but I am a very “mango” Girl trying to find some logic .. :) As a big time fan, I should speak my mind when things begin to hurt :)

    • I agree. I think the reason she makes weird choices consistently is because she has always been told that Everything Always Will Suit Her. Not, unfortunately.

    • I totally agree with you. We mere mortals are pulled up whenever we go wrong in any job that we do – whether it is at home or at office, then why so bias against women whose JOB it is to look good! This keeps recurring in my mind whenever I see a post on Ash and the flurry of good and bad comments. On an aside, she looks different than what she has looked in the past year or so, but not on a good note!

  47. Yay! After years of hiding her face behind a curtain of hair and covering her arms with voluminous fabric, we now see the real Ash again and she looks perfectly fine, there is nothing there that she needs to hide. Looking forward to seeing good ol Ash back!

  48. wow… loved the fact that she is experimenting… n well all these 104 comments prove shes made statement… :P

  49. She looks like an alien thanks to the hairdo. I agree this could have been a great look if it weren’t for the hair.

  50. I like the contrast of the pink lips with the blue dress. But the dress itself although it’s a beautiful color, its a bit blah. I just can’t point it out, but something about the dress I don’t like but that’s not her fault, it’s the designer.
    She obviously has no weight problem she looks how she looked back in 2009 and 2010. And that face in the 2nd pic is exquisite. Kudos to her make up artist.

  51. Also you need to beat the crap out of the person who did your hair. It looks like you are wearing boot on your head.

    Look at her jewellery , BAD.
    i can see her bleached face fur.
    the hair , is a different story altogether. do you recon she could hold some tropical fruits with it?

  53. When I first saw the pic elsewhere, the first thought that came to my mind was ‘why is she wearing such a cheap satin gown??'(apart from ‘absolutely hideous’). fact is she makes it look cheap. Plus the bun just does not suit her face.

  54. if sonam tries a new hair do and makes it work, we appreciate it. This hair do is not working nor is the dress. I can’t get over the things popping out of the sides. She might be going watch Cleopetra , but her looks are more like Kilopitra

  55. This look is so risky & out there especially for Aishwarya that people are either going to love it or hate it. Along with the Elie Saab gown and the white shirt, black skirt ensemble by Zac Posen, this look is my favorite of her this year at Cannes.

  56. Sorry about commenting so many times.
    Her make up is not cakey like it sometimes is in her Indian appearances. L’oreal make up experts did her make up, so when you criticize the make up you criticize them & let’s face it no one here is in a position to criticize professional make up artists. And most ppl here are just finding reasons to hate without even seeing close up pics you can’t criticize the make up & I have seen HQ pics on Aishwaryaspice & this is actually a year where her make up has been spot on at Cannes.


  58. Clearly neither Ash nor her stylists are in business to please you? How about you do an op-ed next year telling her exactly how many inches of updo would please you. Seriously, I recommend some strong, rational critique… This business of I like it,or I don’t – without proper/strong reasoning is getting boring. This look rocks and has unanimously been high-fiver by fashion journalists and lovers the world over. Is it on-trend to pull her down all the time?

  59. Wow, looks like the Ash brigade is out in full force on this forum. Not a horrendous look, but the hair is a big downer. A tight bun does not suit her rounded face (no, not calling her fat – but her face structure isn’t angular). A looser bun might have framed her face a little better, offering symmetry and structure.