Wearing It Again

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Not that we were big fans of this particular Sabyasachi and only because it felt overwhelming on her, we rather see her repeat the Sabyas than see her in another velvet monstrosity. Agree?

Catch more pics from the event Here.

Left: At Rann Premiere
Right: At Bunts Sangha Event

Photo Credit: Glamsham, Viral Bhayani

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  1. She repeated everything from the previous event Shoes,hairstyle.
    I could hardly make the difference that these are two different events.It does look she lost 1-2 pnds in 3rd pic.

  2. She has the face, she has the height and she can do so much better.

    She is so boring, same kind of outfits, same hairstyle…same ice cold expression!

  3. Ok… A couple of things she needs to change:

    1. She needs to stop dressing like a curtain, in a cheeze mughal restaurant.
    2. She needs to stop thinking she’s still Umrao Jaan/Jodha..

    :( The meanness in me wakes up when I lay my eyes on things like this.

  4. well i get disappointed now when i see her non photoshopped pictures where she is not white and not that slim…i feel like she fools the whole india and her fans …

    • Not white and not that slim? What is that supposed to mean?
      What were you expecting? A perfect wax doll eh? She’s 35+ and looks gorgeous for her age.She’s not trying to fool anyone nor has she asked for photoshop pics.You do know that right?
      She does have her lows with WTHeyy moments , but c’mon! there’s no doubt she’s beautiful.Stop making baseless comments.

      • just because she is “beautiful” it doesnt mean one cant point out that her photoshopped image is very different from her non-print image. she may or may not approve of the photoshopping (we dont have any evidence of her stance on this, do we?) but that still doesnt take away the “skinny gori” aishwariya photos we see.

        and another thing – she won “miss world”. so did yukta mukhi.

    • actually with plain black sleeves it would’ve looked like an abaya (burqa). Its the ridiculous paisleys that need to go for it to look decent and in fact quite nice.

  5. Ash is a gorgeous woman but I agree with earlier comments that her hair color has to change. That apart, this look overwhelms her. Ash is a canny woman with shrewd business sense and perhaps she has something to gain by sporting these looks of late. Nothing else can justify them.


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