Face Off!

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At a recent event both these ladies chose to pair their dresses with stoles and yellow bags… As delish as the yellow Birkin on Tanisha is, Feroze wins this match-up hands down.

Love her (Feroze’s) look head-to-toe. Must have those shoes.

P.S: Feroze is in Burberry and the bag is Tod’s.

P.P.S: Click on the image for an enlarged picture.

Feroze Gujral (Left) And Tanisha Mohan (Right) At Tod’s And Harper’s Bazaar Event

Photo Credit: Karan Thapa

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  1. I am sorry, but I think Tanisha fares better. Feroze’s dress does not fit right, shoes are fugly, and the shawl looks like thr British Airways economy class blankets! India has the most beautiful shawls, why would you carry around that monstrosity? Tanisha looks classy except for the hair which matches too closely with the accessories.

  2. Feroze does look good-all that effort she puts in is paying off I guess. more imp,Tanisha and Feroze deserve a round of applause for wearing such short dresses without stockings in cold, foggy delhi.

    • Ps-I know its cold foggy delhi coz they are standing near the aman pool. and whoevers been to the aman knows its freezing in there thanks to all that stone.


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