In Tanieya Khanuja

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Adah went the risky route at IIFA Utsavam wearing a Tanieya Khanuja gown that featured a sheer bodice with strategically placed applique work to cover the breasts.

I guess wearing her hair down was a move to downplay all that in your face skin show. I, for one, am just not a big fan of such gowns and so I can’t say I liked this appearance.

Did you?


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Not so much the skin show, as the fact that this is one fugly outfit. That jarringly plain skirt looks like some sort of an afterthought. And she herself doesnt look 100% comfortable with this outfit.

  2. Risqué can be fun but you need a certain personality for it. But thanks to the skirt this is like a mish-mash, a gown that’s too scared to go the whole hog. Hence looks a little lacklustre. And then again she has kept her styling safe too. So what’s the point.

  3. It looks like her stylist forced her into this dress ! She doesn’t look like she wants to be in this dress or at this place at all! Seriously , getting irritated with girls like her who pose like they would rather be anywhere else! We get it, you might be very conscious of yourself now and all, but the very least you can do is fake a smile , right? Is it too much to ask for??

    • The last time she smiled evevryone had a problem that she was grinning too much. So much hate so much hate.its like evevryone comes here to trash actresses and feel good about themselves

  4. Erm, When have you actually found ME disapproving an actress smiling??! I think a smile is the best and cheapest accessory for a person. Here’s proof
    Oh, and I don’t come here to ‘trash’ actresses just to feel good about myself. I am a very secure person , Thank you very much! Maybe you have me confused with someone you know!! ;)


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