Velvet Fever

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Actress Aamna Sharif attented a Meet and Greet in Toronto in a velvet mehendi green outfit. Now we’ve seen our share of velvet outfits but Aamna’s was a first. Not only was her kameez velvet but so were her pants.

Love it or hate it?

P.S. The outfit seems like a Manish Malhotra creation and thanks ‘Tasneem’ for the news tip-off.


Aamna Sharif at ‘Aloo Chaat’ Meet and Greet in Toronto


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  1. So very MM… aaah. Hey, on the upside at least she’s legitimately keeping warm since it’s actually cold in T-dot.

    She has such a sweet face.

  2. That outfit is disgusting. Not even someone as gorgeous as Aamna Sharif can carry it off! Manish Malhotra needs to take lessons from Chandni Chowk karigars ’cause they have far more taste and creativity than this. Ugly!

  3. @ Ali- its not sujal anymore, its Aftab! ;)

    I hate velvet anyway so no point ridiculing the dress further! but she is sooo pretty, gess she’s still not out of her ‘kashish’ days!

  4. the tunic minus the pants would have looked ok..but with the pants, she looks like a not too attractive version of “I dream of jeannie”

  5. @ Ranjani

    she does look like her in the last picture!
    too much velvet going on…she should have worn jeans or something..not those velvet pants!


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