Red Hot! Or Not?

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Suzanne made an appearance with Hrithik in a red dress with a belt detail. The red outfit wasn’t impressive already, but the gold Prada Whips Pietre clutch and the silver bow sandals made me dislike the look even more!

Red hot, Suzanne was not. Hrithik, on the other hand, hot hot hot!


Suzanne Khan and Hrithik Roshan at the Rajasthan Royals Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. HR is not hot, but that’s JMO. The formal attire on jeans is lame as hell.

    and WTF was Suzzane thinking?

    The whole outfit is a nightmare.

  2. ohmigod! just shows how wearing designer labels can’t buy good taste..i wish the celebs would stop over dosing on having every piece of their outfit (dress, clutch, shoes) to be designer brands…what happened to individuality?

  3. Wow..Hrithik is looking very much like his dad here.

    I kinda like suzanne here, maybe because of better than usual posture and fierce look.

  4. Just because someone gets her clothes wrong at times doesn’t mean her taste in everything else will be bad. Does one assume that just because someone has great taste in clothes it translates to good taste in, say, books or food?

  5. Hrithik is delish as usual.
    but y is he looking so sullen next 2 wifey dearest? suzanne’s outfit is bad overall, but her arm candy …..sigh!!! i meant Hrithink, btw. not the bag! i LOOOVE the jeans and jacket look! cool.

  6. @SS,

    bad taste in clothes/outfits certainly implies bad sense of aethetics in general. so yes, i would say that just because she CONSISTENTLY gets her clothes wrong, she does have bad taste in other things along similar lines, i.e. things that require a sense of what looks good and what doesn’t.

    i think your example of books and food was a bad one.

  7. @PeachBellini,
    Have you seen her Design work? If not then your comment on her designing skills is irrelavant. This is purely fashion site and is limited to Dress and accessories.

    To support SS, how about a great artist who has amazing aesthetics and doesn’t really care about his/her dress. I can quote many like this. So please save that thought.

  8. her dress and the clutch matches a lil but the silver bow sandal..eww…hate the look …she dont hav a fashion sense …she hv a boring look in every hritik..woah hot!

  9. Poor Suzanne looks a bit tired and that clutch looks too heavy and awkward for her! The shoes are…how can I put this delicately….horrible.

  10. Why anyone would carry such mismatched accessories is beyond me. The length of the dress is very unflattering, it should have been knee or floor length.
    I saw Hrithik on the big screen some weeks ago for the first time. He’s really got this aura of a star, fills up the screen completely.

  11. @ PeachBellini and apsara77:
    Suzanne usually has a fabulous sense of style! just because she got it wrong this time, doesnt mean she has ‘horrible taste’! have u forgotten her stunning cavalli, pucci etc dresses???

    stop generalizing!!! she has two kids to take care of at home. mistakes happen.. give her a break!

  12. Minus all the fashion faux pass they made till date, if only they got their wardrobes right, they would be the yummiest couple in Bollywood, even beating Aish and Abhi.
    once, just once , can I meet you Hrithik…I will be your stary-eyed-surprise, baby! :D

  13. lol this look doesn’t work, designer or not, those heels..HAVE GOT TO GO. and that clutch doesn’t even for a second fit in via contrast or matching, so therefore, wtheyyy!!!!

    Hrithik doesn’t seem to be pleased w/ both his wife in the rediculous outfit and the photographers lol… but he looks good as usual!

  14. umm i was too busy looking at hrithik to even notice her! ;) I kinda like her outfit…she looks comfortable, i mean at least she’s trying?

  15. She looks so old next to him. Time to darken hair, play with eyemakeup to get rid of droopy eyeys look and wear colors that flatter her skin tone. This shade of red is not doing a thing for her

  16. hrithik looks HOTTTTTTT …i love his semi-formal look and sussanne looks fine ..better than her previous appearances ..if only she gets her hair colour right ..she ll look smashing ..

  17. @peach bellini – i agree with you. you either have good taste or not. i think she only accidentally gets it right once in a while. books and food have nothing to do with aesthic sense. and neither does it work where artists are concerned because they dont care how they walk out. she in this case – seems to care if she’s carrying prada! otherwise it would be a jhola.

    i dont like the length of the dress. its odd. it should have covered the shoes. that would have helped also in covering up the gold silver clash

  18. @zee : exactly my first reaction, Hritik is looking soo much like his dad here, its the eyes..

    The dress would have been so much better if it was floor length..

  19. she tried ‘matching’ the bow on her dress to the bow on her shoes!!! no! actually…Nahiiiiiinnnnn!!!! lol

    can someone please tell me whats happening at the back of her dress? does it not look lifted…i.e in design, it just makes her look wierd!

    and its amazing how slim she looked at Amritas wedding, and then here, the dress is making her look curvy in the wrong places, unless she’s preggers! hehe…giving her an unproportionate body…hmmm.

  20. agree w peach bellini and madmomma…. her sense of style is just well so… wrong… and for whoever said that she geenerally has a fab sense of styke could not be more wrong: from the make upto hair to clothes its really never right.
    The orange hair has gotta go if she wants some lovin on this site at least!
    Agree with Adit on teh Christmas tree look besides how bad was the shoes and bag combo on this one!

  21. agree with Peachbellini. a good taste in what looks good has nothing to do with what tastes good or is a good read. food or a book is quite subjective…to each her own. clothes and decoration however, somewhat conform to a standard. and its not like she is not botherd about her looks…shes designer-laden for gods sake. even then if u still end up looking like that, its just bad taste.

    also, she is not the only person in the world with two kids and most of the other mothers of the world do not have access to an army of nannies that she most likely has.

  22. i think madmomma, debs, and cracker have spoken for me.

    but i just wanted to reply to the remark about how this is a fashion blog and we should leave at that: first of all, technically speaking, I was sticking to the fashion bit when i compared her dress sense to her design sense. secondly, it is just normal that one idea/conversation/thought would lead to another, i am not going to restrict my mind from thinking just because this is strictly a fashion site. and i think others here would agree too that whatever side discussions we have on this site are triggered by the fashion of the person in question

  23. hrithik looks great- i dont think it is a crime to look like your dad! he looks fresh, young, handsome and very hot. there is a really cute pic of them both on other sites but she is looking so grumpy. he never smiles for pictures but she usually does- here she just looks like a haggard misery

    i dont buy the young mum rubbish- their parents babysit and she has a live in nanny- it is the slimming that have aged her so badly

    that hair colour HAS TO GO the eyebrows have to be darker and fuller, the foundation has to be shine free, the scowl has to go, the accessories have to be matched and she should use more eye liner at the ends of her eyes to open them up and abit of dark eyeshadow to shape them properly and not use it so heavily at the tsrt of the eye
    and get of those slimming pills or whatever she is doing to lose weight

    then maybe she can match upto her husband who for me is the hottest man o the planet

  24. she is such a mess!!.. gold clutch paired with silver shoes.. and what’s up with hritik’s skinny LV belt.. the buckle is so tiny.. did he borrow it from his son??

  25. more than heavy smoking or drinking, it is crash dieting that makes the face look unfresh and also zaps women of energy. she looks worst at the evening events.

    or maybe stress due to hrithiks ‘friendship’ with a certain HOT mexican co-star perhaps??????????

  26. I’m in the minority – I think that this dress looks great on her & flatters her body. Though I do think it should have been longer.
    But yes her shoes & bag are wrong.


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