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This black Sass & Bide dress has inspired quite a few labels to bring out their own version and if you didn’t know any better, you wouldn’t know the original from the inspired.

Ms. Khan, unfortunately and unknowingly, has fallen in the latter category of being spotted in an inspired dress. As you can clearly see, hers wasn’t the original dress, with the curved detailing at the hem being far different from the Sass & Bide one.

That aside though, she looked good.


Left: Zareen Khan At Vogue Beauty Awards 2013
Right: Sass & Bide

Photo credit: Vogue

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  1. I think it’s callous of you guys to point out her knockoffs (and not for the first time either).. she may not be able to afford the real thing.

    • This post is no different from our ‘Seeing Double’ ones. We aren’t throwing shade at her, just pointing out an imitation. If we are dissing anybody, it is the label she is sporting which is passing off someone else’s design as its own. Meant no offense to her and certainly mean no offense to you!

    • Go back and read that again. If that’s your argument, you have obviously never heard of Intellectual Property. There is no point in designers creating athg new, if all people are going to do is go their local boutique and copy the designs. IF she can’t afford the real stuff, am quite certain she can pick a fairly affordable evening/party dress at Zara/Mango/French Connection/Sisley. Nothing wrong with that.
      Shame on you for promoting this intellectual theft by a celebrity.

      • and you have obviously never heard of good manners and considerate behaviour! Intellectual copyright violation is a worldwide issue and while no one’s condoning it here, the post does seem condescending towards someone who given her body of work and standing in the industry may never be able to afford the real thing. That she manages to make to make a knock off work as opposed to many A listers looking trashy/trampy in the “real stuff” deserves to be underscored rather than supposed copyright infringements, wihch the last time I checked, wasn’t what this blog was all about.

          • This blog’s header is underlined by “front row tadka laga ke”. It is expected to have a spicy take on front row fashion aka celeb fashion. By definition, the girls are supposed to have a sharp take on whatever they print here. Even after pointing out the knock off, Payal has, without any judgmentalism, said that she looks good. What more do you want??? Should they apologize for her wearing fake clothes? They mock celebs dressed in expensive labels all the time, btw. Or do u want that all readers feel sorry for the poor actress who acts in brainless potboilers? Which am sure, is for the money, and not creative satisfaction. If she was a struggling art house performer, your point could have held. Given her “body of work”, it’s laughable.

  2. Who cares about the name? If it looks good, its good.
    I know its not fair to be copying someone else’s designs and passing them off as your own, blablabla. In the grand scheme of things, WHATEVER!

  3. “unfortunately, has fallen in the latter category of being spotted in an inspired dress.”

    Actually PnP this shouldn’t have been said. Its wrong to be “inspired” by a dress and copy it. But it is not wrong to be “spotted” in a copy. You can wear an imitation-and frankly Ms Khan may not even know its an imitation, not everyone is a fashionista poring over labels and terrified of being seen in a knock-off-its about how you look in it. As such the post should have simply pointed out that yet another copy was around and that Ms Khan looked good and nothing more.

  4. Maybe it could be an original with a modified design .. we shouldn’t say it’s not Sass n Bride unless we are sure about it.
    Right now you’re just assuming .. Which ain’t a good thing to do :)

  5. Honestly, when I first read the post I interpreted in a way that Payal was accusing the designer for creating a knock off and in no way letting Zarine down. I still think so. So I think some us are just reading between the lines and making a different issue out of it. Oh and she does look so pretty

  6. in cases like these, i think the blog owners should first do some investigation and find out where the so called “knock offs” came from..then write about it..rather than make condescending comments about the actress for wearing it..

    she may not know it is fake..

    also, some people need to stop white knighting the blog owners, let them defend themselves if they wish to..

  7. Every fashion creation is inspired by something, someone or other designer’s work. Even if she knew the dress was not by Sass & Bide, I applaud her for not giving a care to the label and paying attention to the fit. Way to go, she rocks the dress.

  8. On a side note, P&P showed a Nandini Bhalla sighting in the same (original) Sass and Bide dress. Funnily, the event she attended also showed Preethi Chandra’s collection that showed a pretty close knockoff of it on the runway :))


    This was so funny that I sent posted the HHC link on Sass & Bide’s homepage comment section curious to know what they made out of it. Didint hear a peep from them though, so i guess they are either immune to this unfortunate trend or just dont have the time and resources to pursue the (unfair) infringement!

    I like the fact that P&P pointed out the fact that it was a copy, but that she also looked good, great going guys. I think its a very appropriate topic for the nature of the blog to cover this topic!

  9. My personal take is if you are a celebrity, its tacky to be wearing a copy if you cant afford the original. Its probably okay for the rest of the non celeb world, even if it falls in the grey area of not so ethical

    If you are a celebrity (big or small) the likely hood is that most people in the bollywood fashion circle would know and thats a shame. So why bother messing with a fake when you can totally work an relatively unknown but good designer!

  10. It looks from the picture like it is the original, but just a bit stretched out on her figure – because of being worn by a real person- as opposed to the picture on the right. The dress probably just isn’t falling right down and is a bit off centre and askew. may be?


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