Not Quite

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Might look past the logo’ed out belt and shoes, but can’t ignore those tattered denims.


Amrita Arora

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  1. Dear Amrita,
    When you cake your face with foundation and wear a deep/low neck – you’re meant to make up your chest as well. otherwise you look as awful as you do right now.
    yours sincerely
    the mad momma

  2. Why oh why – working in an industry where she gets to see herself from all angles all the time surely the power of mirrors (and camera) would have blessed the dear old AA with the foresight not to leave home in this!

  3. I like the blouse very much and the way it fits her so well…no bulges or uncomfortable folds…just seamless into the pants. I like it when that happens! :-)

  4. its in fashion now in the middle east. she was in Dubai last week must have bought it there at the Deisel shop….great bod, sweet girl, nice-ish shirt, bad makeup, and awful shoes….

  5. I don’t like the look one bit – I think the boots and belt are awful. Fantastic figure, but her breasts are looking a bit droopy.. she can do much better!


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