WLIFW: Paras & Shalini

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Paras and Shalini’s collection consisted of silhouettes that reflected more of evening wear with shift and sheath dresses. The first part of the collection was a proper cocktail line in blacks and greys with net and sequins. The second part of the collection emphasised more on formal evening wear with silk and sheer fabrics.


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  1. The colours and prints may entertain for a while, but the silhouettes are outdated. What’s up with the headpieces, trying hard to make a statement after Prada’s success? What is a doll doing in the middle of a runaway, which neither goes with the dress nor with the theme, although the pieces are out of place? Oh, maybe it’s a maternity dress! Anyway I like that dress and the one after that, the long flower print chiffon dress out of all. The big bow help to convey a dramatic look in that hideous dress with that posture captured in the camera.
    I have some complains about the cameramen. I feel bad for the models as their pictures are taken with half/full eyes closed. It would also look bad in the fashion reviews. I am sure professional models would stand still for few seconds and as professional cameramen, it shouldn’t be too hard to capture her within that few seconds. I hope he/she will improve in future.


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