What’s Worse?

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Sonali in the orange sari or Vidya in the orange salwar?

Note to self: Never buy anything orange with even a hint of bling!

Sonali @ Preeti’s Reception

Vidya @ Filmfare Awards

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  1. Vidya definitely, maybe because the dress on the whole is a disaster. But then, I dont think Sonali is a very sharp dresser either! Orange only looks good on the national flag – where we can be proud of it :)

  2. Vidya, unfortunately..I rather like Sonali’s sari, I think she just wears it badly. But orange as a color photographs rather harshly, which is part of both outfits problems.
    Also, a darker orange – more rust – would complement both ladies’ skin tones much better – “sadhu” orange isn’t very flaterring to anyone, is it?


  3. its like choosing between the noose and the electric chair…..no matter how long i sit and stare at the pitures i just can’t seem to choose…

  4. I think sonali is looking nice and her sari is also nice. (Compared to some of her disastrous appearances that I have seen on this blog).

  5. Arrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh
    vidya wins.I feel like poking my eyes out.I used to love sonali’s work and used to love her, but now I think she deliberately asks for clothes that will stand out as an eyesore.About vidya,srk and saif even gave her a worst dressed “naariyal” award in filmfare,I guess she should take that hint.

  6. I like Sonali’s saree too…the simple pattern work on it is nice….and Vidya’s outfit is horrendous but her hair and make-up outdo the outfit in its freak-out factor.

  7. Priyanka/Payal : Please do not link to filmicafe.com. The site is full of bloody spyware trojans that can be a real problem for those who dont know how to get rid of them. You may be behind a firewall so are not affected.

    I just spent the last one hour cleaning out my system.

  8. i think Sonalis sari looks better…but not exactly on her. color doesnt suit her. maybe because of the makeup which doesnt suit either one of them. its like a tan gone bad. still hands down Sonalis sari. : )

  9. this makes me laugh..cause i have a similar orange (although deeper) with antique gold work rohit bal anarkali…and honestly i thought it looked different and elegant…but reading everyones reaction i don’t know if everyone around me thought i was giving them an eye sore..:)
    i also did pair it up with jhumkas and juttis..cant wait for everyones reaction on that

  10. Payal: In that case you should include a warning not to click on it or do so at your own risk. Because you dont want people visiting your blog and then wishing they hadn’t. Most home internet users in India do not have firewalls. And spyware trojans are usually not detected by commercial anti-virus software.

  11. I think it depends on the shade and the amount of the body coverage, in this case it wraps up the whole body. Most primary and secondary colours used in a large proportion with no skin show could be overwhelming.


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