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Compared to last time, Mr. Oberoi fares much better at his most recent appearance. You like?

Update: Vivek’s Stardust outfit is an Arjun Khanna.


Left: At Triump Lingerie Show
Right: At 2009 Stardust Awards

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  1. this is a classic example of how clothes can give dimensions to one’s personality! not a big fan of his, but cant help but say that he actually looks classy here….

  2. its really refreshing to see someone of his/my generation wearing desi clothes..much as we comment on why some bollywood actresses are seen in only western wear, the men are guilty of the same, and when they do wear something like vivek has done in this case, they look refreshingly different…

  3. I literally said “aww”. True that apsara77… itd be nice to see guys of our generation donning desi clothes. It’s sexy and sophisticated.

  4. I can’t believe i’m gonna say this but, he looks yummy!

    I liked him in company, n that was it, but he’s totally rocking it in a sherwani!

    I too love men in sherwani’s, move over firefighters! lol


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