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Two white gowns on two consecutive days, of course, begged the question. Which do you prefer?

Of the two, we are gravitating a lot more towards Vidya’s chiffon and sequin one. Satin + rhinestones is an automatic hate for us.

Left: Vidya Malwade at Dus Tola Screening
Right: Minnisha Lamba at MAMI Film Festival

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Vidya needs a hair stylist and a amkeup person as well. Even when she wears clothes that flatter her she gets her hair and makeup all wrong….

  2. Minisha looks like a blinged out beauty pageant contestant and Vidya’s look ages her somehow. I think it’s the hair. I do like Vidya’s necklace though!

  3. Why does Vidya’s face always look like a Madame Tussads wax sculpture? In the second pic it’s like she’s showing her teeth to be brushed by someone.
    Minisha – the less said the better!

  4. vidya could dip her face in more grease and wear a potato sack – and this blog would STILL like her look. bias, much?

    and minisa – less said the better.


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