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Promotions for Begum Jaan in Delhi saw its leading lady in a black printed Péro sari with jewellery from Aham and a nosepin from Benaazir.

Yet again, adored the sari and loved the jewellery combo. But, that blouse, not so much. I can understand Ms. Balan wanting to be a purist when it comes to her blouse style but a lil’ experimentation wouldn’t hurt. If she can foray into long jackets and dresses, why not a different style of blouse? Here’s hoping she surprises us one of these days.

Vidya Balan at Begum Jaan Promotions in Delhi

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Let it go guys!!! Let her be comfy… the day she wears a short sleeve blouse:sleeveless you will have a 100 plus comments why she’s wearing anything different/about dressing according to body type/ trying too hard d
    She’s got big arms and she’s covering it!!! Good on her as per ur rule books:)
    Stop body shaming by calling it style shaming

  2. “I can understand Ms. Balan wanting to be a purist when it comes to her blouse style but a lil’ experimentation wouldn’t hurt.”
    That makes no sense! If you can understand why she does a thing, why would you push her to do something else?

  3. Don’t think she wears the same type of blouse because of purism, maybe she’s just self-conscious about her body. I don’t think she needs to constantly change it up. This is her signature style.

  4. PnP, when it comes to VB, the fan following is insane. I did the mistake of saying something similar and the entire fandom attacked me! Say the simplest of things about her, and the fans take offense. Your signature statement ‘Do you like what you see?’, reserve it for VB. Don’t venture into dangerous territory by suggesting even the slightest changes to her outfit. You are welcome.

    • I thought the policy of this site was only regarding fashion and comments about weight issues, cosmetic surgeries etc. would not be allowed? People like me who support Vidya are not crazed fan girls. We just believe in accepting people for what they are and not falling for the totally unrealistic six feet tall 100 pounds fashion industry stereotype. I enjoy the sarees she wears and would copy this style in a heart beat.

  5. Monotonous.
    I’m all for comfy but when you are stuck in a rut you need someone to tell you that.
    Vidya take it from a total stranger- you are stuck in a rut. You are too young to not want to experiment and switch things up. Do it sista-change things up a bit!

  6. The thing is, this is not fashion. This is lazy, sloppy, shabby, clueless dressing from someone who simply doesn’t care. She has no place on a fashion website or magazine. Stop featuring her!


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