Twinkle on Harper’s Bazaar:(Un)Covered

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Feast your eyes on Madam Khanna on the latest cover of Harper’s Bazaar and a few pics from the editorial. Love the contrast of the blue Cue against the mustard-yellow background. So striking.

Twinkle Khanna on Harper’s Bazaar, Nov 2010

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    • Agreed that she can give a lot of new actresses a run for their money
      But what happened to her when she was an actress herself?
      She used to dress up so BAD!

      • Her face has been photoshopped so bad for the cover, but agree the inside spread is AWESOME!

        But omg I know! she used to dress up REALLY bad…but then again, which 90s actress dressed good? :P
        It seems marriage has worked for the better for both her and Akki’s dressing sense :P

      • agreed …. she was one of the most horribly dressed actresses on screen …. western/indian – she used to look horrible and dated in everything ………

        What the hell happened? How did she go from that to this ? …… i love the dark red gown the most … understated and chic …..

        I love updates on twinkle …. she is always so stylishly dressed ,,,, again, how did this happen ?

        • Tell you what..the universe rearranged itself :P
          Isn’t she a Capricorn??karmically they are supposed to age backwards and start living more off the spirit with technically a Cappy is at his?her vibrant best in mid 40s :P
          Believe me this reasoning works with all the Cappys I’ve known till date…God forbid you may never meet one just in her teens…some old codger they are :P

  1. A lot of obvious photo-shop around her waist. And I think they forgot to use a magic brush on her lower tummy that shines on it’s convex :p Though not bad waist up.

    I ain’t a huge fan of belted high-waist. Looks odd by all means, but the top is a stunner.

  2. She certainly looks good in all the dresses, but the almost apprehensive expression on her face belies the whole “I’m a confident woman” idea of the spread.

    • agree with the “richer than thou” vibe…esp with the plainer entourage in her company….

      But there is no denying the fact that the lady has style and class…..there are plenty others featured in this blog that have plenty of moolah but sorely lack the style or personality to pull off anything “designer”…

  3. The obvious photo shopping on the cover makes her lower part look like a fancy African vase/pot. She has a good bod for real, why would do they this to her? Love her in the last pic.

  4. In the first pic, her facial expression is so weird! Also what’s wrong with her looks like it’s protruding! The other pics are good.

  5. I ws quite waitin fr this issue 2 b covered by HHC.Its nice to c her photographed.i liked it.I think she cud hv worked wth d expression though.on d other hand i loved d dresses n compositions.

  6. The inside spread is very well done. Twinkle has mastered the art of elegant power dressing. However, the cover page is horrible from the waist down. The dress is no doubt beautiful but hello! whats up with her belly???!!


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