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Manager of the Vermeerist Beams shop in Harajuku Japan, Tomoko Inuzuka is one of the biggest fans of designer Manish Arora and almost always can be seen wearing his designs. At the recently held Wills Fashion Week in Delhi, she didn’t disappoint either. She attended the Kavita Bhartia show wearing a dress with a print from Manish’s Fall 2009 collection and her trademark bow. While others wear more toned down versions of Manish’s designs, Tomoko almost always wears a quirky version and I quite love that she stays true to her style.


Left: Manish Arora, Fall 2009
Right: Tomoko Inuzuka at WLIFW Spring 2010 Show


Left: Manish Arora Bash, Mar 2008
Right: With Manish Arora in Japan
Tomoko Inuzuka

Photo Credit: Vogue India, Indiatimes, Dianepernet

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  1. Gosh! When I looked at this I did an imediate double take at the title of the post to make sure it said ‘WTHeyyy!’ but after realising she is just Japanese, I couldn’t say much considering the fashion scene and interpretation of high fashion is very different there..

    Nevertheless a ‘wtheyyy’ in my book, always. But yes, if this her then she deserves credit for the confidence.

    • it sure is a WTHeyyy in my opinion too… and that was my ditti reaction when i did not see it in the WTHeyyy section.. she cannot pull off at all… i dont think anyone can, except for a 5 year old participating in a fancy dress show!!… very biased i must say.. so what if she is japanese?

  2. ouch looks like someone didn’t want to leave childhood.

    IMHO Rei Kawakubo is very japanese and distinct and chic. Not someone who is influenced by harajuku 15 year olds. Being Japanese is no reason for being exempt from WTHEy!

    Also there is no point in being young if the olds are constantly raiding your fashion choices. Whether you like it or not age is a season and you can’t pretend it is spring when you are in autumn.

  3. Well said AM! Being Japanese is no reason for being exempt from WTHEy! If one of our own had dressed this way, she would have been torn to shreds by folks here.

  4. What is about Japanese/Chinese/Korean folk that they can wear the most insane outfits and you don’t even blink? They must be born with some kind of style gene that the rest of the world doesn’t possess! If a desi girl wore the dress only she would have been getting a WTHeyy!


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