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In her 70s inspired Namrata Joshipura look, Tisca sure surprised us at the AsiaSpa Awards. It’s great to see someone try something different every now and then but the issue here was not with the finishing touches but the outfit itself.

The glittery jumpsuit didn’t photograph well one bit but then can’t say I was a fan of it anyways. Wish Tisca had picked something else from Ms. Joshipura’s collection. This one was just terrible.

Tisca Chopra at AsiaSpa Awards 2017

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Happy to see the casual Ms Chopra change her usual”Khadi Gram Udyog” vibe to this super deluxe look. Love the hair and makeup.

  2. She looks good, and yeah her face and hair and make up all look so good who cares about the dress overall she is a hit.

  3. The cut-outs, the fabric, everything about this outfit screams background dancer in a 70’s musical. And seems like Tisca forgot her own rule about putting a coin under bright light to test for sheerness. Isn’t that what she wrote on this very blog ;)

  4. I feel Indians are hypocritical in a way or a tad too bit influenced by the western. Whatever happens in the West is always inspirational for us.
    Her trying too hard or experimenting is not directly proportional to competing with new/young girls. She is an intelligent thinking actor, writer and producer. In my assessment people should just stick to comments on clothes. Going beyond that is neither a decency nor business. Its disheartening to see people being rude and nasty for no reason.
    While kudos to Ms. Chopra for trying out new looks. And the paps really need to take some lighting lessons. They have a history of sabotaging quite a few looks.

    • Well said. Let us indeed stick to comments on the clothes. I can understand that some may feel the look does not suit Tosca and that is fair. However to say she is trying to ape the younger girls is not, I don’t think the thought even crossed her mind. Why not use a little kindness when commenting? We could all use a little more of that. I always wonder how the people commenting would feel if they were judged in the same way. There is no look that captures everybody’s heart, as evidenced on this very blog.

    • Omg, what a sermon. Seems like you are either Tisca or her stylist!
      People will never just stick to comments on clothes because clothes are not necessarily good or bad in themselves. Part of dressing up well is understanding your body type, age and being occasion appropriate. So nothing wrong in saying that someone is trying to dress too young. Just my opinion.

      • I agree with u completely Sri. Every time there is a comment on this forum on how a person has not dressed according to body type etc there are these slew of admonitions and sermons asking one to stick to commenting on the fashion/clothes and nothing beyond that…but how can one judge the clothes dispassionately without referring to how well or otherwise a person is carrying it? Style after all how a person adapts fashion to his/her sensibilities, body type, individuality etc…there are no personal attacks here but not all comments can be only about clothes, it kind of defeats the purpose then.

        • This sermon giving has been the case for many years. But if you do notice, these rebuking other commentators is reserved for certain favorite celebrities and body types. The same saviors will throw their highly decorated decency & none of their business out of the window when it comes to celebrities like Sridevi, Shilpa, Malaika or an Aishwarya Rai. Shame.


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