The (W)Rapid Effect

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Spotted Vidya Malwade wearing a dress with a bust wrap style similar to what we had seen on Anupama Verma earlier this week. I just can’t decide which one was worse… Anupama’s shiny dress or Vidya’s ill-fitting yellow dress.

Vidya Malwade

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  1. hate both, wihc vidya tied a chic belt on her wait, even a thin kamarbandh style chain wud hv lukd nice as she hz da fig to carry it, instead of tht ugly wrap at her bust…….da clutch cimply doesnt go n seems lik it belongs to a whole diff outfit , additionally gold accessories need to go, wish she tried sth in emerald or turquoise even amethyst wud hv gone beautifully…..gosh i cn write pages abt it!

  2. well, atleast the yellow goes with the black and it can be called a baby doll dress?
    Anupamas doesnt even match, tho the fit is fantastic

  3. both are horrible…but at least Vidya’s colour is much nicer!

    such a nice shade of yellow gone horribly wrong.

  4. isn’t anupama a model? meaning isn’t she in the business of fashion? how could she step out lookilng like that? the stupid sash thingie is tooooo long (not that it would be ok if it were shorter), the dress has an odd length… and those shoes don’t go with it at all…
    As for vidya… what do u say? don’t like the shapeless dress, the shoes, the slinky-like bangles or the oversized watch. Nothing.

  5. Vidya is one of d new gals on d block who hv seldom been caught makin major fashion disaster……rather sometimes shes dressed better than some big fashionistas(I remember her frm the dress she wore at a do of Mr.Mallya)so i think v cn spare her here!!

    But ANUPAMA, shes getting worse wid every appearence of hers.
    Dear FOXIE, shes nt only a model but shockingly owns a clothing line of her own!!

  6. I actually don’t think the yellow dress is that bad. But I hate her shoes. Peep toes should be subtle, not MAJOR like hers.

  7. the yello dress itself is not bad…but very badly accesorized. Too many gold bangles and with a watch as welL!!!! the look just doesnt come together.