In Harsh Harsh

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Wearing Harsh Harsh, Tanisha attended the recent Awards night. Not the biggest fan of the dress… But really, with that choker and hair, what chance did the dress have anyway?

Tanisha Mukherjee In Harsh Harsh At Mirchi Music Awards 2014

Tanisha Mukherjee At Mirchi Music Awards 2014

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Did she have that chocker left over from the 90s?

    The dress doesn’t even fit properly. Not to mention that horrible hair. Please desi girls, stop with the brownish reddish hair dyes. It looks good on almost nobody! It looks so tacky.

    • @ Tina, Good to know someone else aside me has raised this point of Hair-dye-Desi-girls-should-stay-away-from , if only you could go back and check how many times I’ve said that before. I’m adding colors like bleached/light blonde to your list.

  2. While we have mercilessly crucified her (Well deserved too), guess the designer and the stylist too need to be slaughtered with as much fervour.

  3. Time for a school for fashion challenged socialites and the like! And Kangana should be asked to show up and teach these women about dressing in line with their bodies and owning the look.
    Btw PnP ~ thanks for the eyesore start to the weekend:)

  4. Is this a designer dress? The stitching is so amateurish and the fabric so shiny. Add to that the limp hair extensions and the cheap looking choker and you have an absolute disaster.


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