An Upgrade?

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Tanisha does have that habit of matching too much and she did it again at her appearance at Anna Singh’s store launch. Thankfully though, the color she chose to OD on was a muted one and it didn’t look as bad as her last appearance.

Overall, it was a tiny bit of an upgrade for her. Could have done better if she had decided to go with a different colored dress.


Left: Tanisha, ‘Rock On’ Premiere
Right: Tanisha, Anna Singh Store Launch

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  1. @adriana…it’s to do with astrology or numerology…but i guess it really isnt helping her.

    she needs to change her hair colour or something, it’s horrible! PLEASE hire a stylist! or fire ur current one

  2. Not bad… in fact, I approve for now. And my goodness, what difference do straight vs curly make on her overall appearence!!! She looks younger and nicer w/o the curls. Also, I think she’s wearing a push up break or something in the first picture (left) because she has like no bust in the right picture.

  3. Hey Payal. . i just want to let you know I absolutely aaaddore your blog. living in Canada, its definetly nice to hear about celebrity fashion from back home for a change !

  4. Adriana,
    Thanks for the kind words. Priyanka and I love doing this, and it is nice when we hear that others enjoy the blog tooo!

    Keep coming back! (… And spread the word!)

  5. The colour is great for her, really sets off her skin tone.

    Payal, may I request that you ask your commenters to lay off the weight comments? This is a fashion blog and that’s all we should be commenting on. I think comments on a person’s weight are in extremely poor taste.

  6. ow hat a difference an angle makes!

    she looks like a different girl – ok so the look isn’t perfect but it is leagues better than the white satiny dress!

  7. wow – i guess the family weight problems are catching up. she looks massive. what happened to the skinny neal and nikki chick?!

    the dresses are both awful – shiny satiny things. blech.


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