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Also doing off-shoulder at the store launch was Tamannaah who wore an Anushree Reddy lehenga. While I love the lehenga on her, part of me wishes she’d picked a different necklace. The single strand diamond one didn’t quite seem to add much to the look. She could’ve just skipped it.


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  1. All of the different colours/shades and materials in this look are really throwing me off. Otherwise, the silhouette is nice.

  2. She looks super lovely and cute…. feminine blush color of the top and dupatta adds to her cuteness factor…. Love this on Tamannah

  3. I like criss cross off shoulder dresses bt here d pattern is ending just below d bust which is nt luking very flattering. Wud hv preferred a top to b bit long or criss cross pattern ending little below bustline forming a cross (×) pattern!

  4. Low Neck and midriff exposure, still she looks classy because of her body type. She looks beautiful. And her ceramic skin is glowing. <3

  5. Love the versatile top but it needed a different coloured lehenga to pop, gets lost in all these pastel colours here.

  6. Those diamonds look perfect… elegant and classy… so much better than the overpowering huge pieces people wear… classy…


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