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From The Archives: Again and Again

We hadn’t caught Aishwarya repeat so far, but then a little bit of research goes a long way! Look what we dug up! Ash wearing the same white outfit. The good thing is she repeated something she had worn almost a year and half ago. The bad thing, though, it happened! ;)

Yeah..we are hard on them sometimes…But, hey, they are celebrities after all! ;)

Left: Rahul Sharma Wedding Reception, Jan 2008
Right: Umrao Jaan Book Launch, Sep 2006

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How To Attend Two Weddings In A Row?

Wear the same clothes, change the jewelry!

Take Ma-in-law and Dad-in-law to the morning ceremony, skip Ma-in-law for the evening affair (to avoid awkward run-in with Madame Re!!)

Skip hubby altogether!

Above: Bachchan trio in Bhopal for a wedding
Below: Bachchan duo in Mumbai for a wedding

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