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Poll This!

Joy Mitra’s A/W 2013 collection was cinema inspired and one that reminded us of Satya Paul’s Pop Art Collection from 2007 that featured sarees featuring heroines. You know what comes next, don’t ya?

How do you prefer your Bollywood served up? The Joy Mitra way or The Satya Paul way?



Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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Bolly Bleh!

Kate Spade introduced two new bags under the collection ‘Bollywood’…and, (no prize for guessing) I absolutely don’t care for it all!

It supposedly draws on the “industry’s dazzling palettes and unabashed glitz with a touch of camp” but I fail to see any of the delectable kitsch that defines Bollywood!!

The bags come in soft patent calfskin, and in cheery neon colors that would’ve been perfect for spring but even that does nothing for me!

I seriously fail to see ‘Bollywood’ and they say whats in a name!

Buy The Bollywood Stevie Via Kate Spade (image, left)
Buy The Bollywood Lella Via Kate Spade (image, right)

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How To Attend Two Weddings In A Row?

Wear the same clothes, change the jewelry!

Take Ma-in-law and Dad-in-law to the morning ceremony, skip Ma-in-law for the evening affair (to avoid awkward run-in with Madame Re!!)

Skip hubby altogether!

Above: Bachchan trio in Bhopal for a wedding
Below: Bachchan duo in Mumbai for a wedding

Source and Source

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A Piped Piper? A Faceoff

Both Roshan and Bal chose to go with white jackets that had black piping (at two different events) and while Roshan’s was more structured, Bal’s was far more casual!

Who worked it better you think?

Left: Hrithik Roshan At Lycra Mtv Style Awards
Right: Rohit Bal At HDIL Indian Oaks 2008

source, source

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