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In Neeta Lulla

We’ve seen many a Neeta Lulla creation on here and most of them have invariably fallen under the ‘WTHeyyy’ category. This one though, while not quite a ‘WTheyyy’, isn’t the best either, but, we sure wouldn’t mind seeing more of this style rather than ugly dhoti/nartaki pants or uber-blingy sari-like lehengas.

Update: Thanks for the ID help!


Left: Neeta Lulla, Fall 2009
Right: Mansi Parekh at ITA Awards Preview Show

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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First seen on Shilpa back in Dec of 2008, this orange gown was spotted on actress Lekha Washington at the 56th South Filmfare Awards.

Update: Now that we have a full-length pic of both, who do you think wears it better? Thanks ‘varsha’ for the pic tip-off.


Left: Lekha Washington At 56th South Filmfare Awards
Right: Shilpa Shetty At ITA Awards

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Ragalahari

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More Of The Same

A lot more of the same! Its hard to miss the pattern here.

Divya Dutta is a nice looking woman but her choices in clothes majorly let her down. We understand that she’s lost a lot of weight and completely wants to rework her image but going this route is hardly doing her any favors!

One doesn’t have to wear expensive designer duds to look good, there are so many, many options. Step one is always choosing body-appropriate clothes. And in Divya’s case, that has to be stepping away from tube tops/necklines.

Investing in some shoes wouldn’t hurt either. Even if its one basic pair, we wouldn’t mind looking at her wear it out event after event! Anything over these atrocities.

We say it out of love Ms. Dutta. :)


Divya Dutta At Iosis Spa Launch


L To R: At Dev D Premiere, Welcome To Sajjanpur Premiere, ITA Awards, 1920 Music Launch And At Drona Premiere

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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