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First seen on Shilpa back in Dec of 2008, this orange gown was spotted on actress Lekha Washington at the 56th South Filmfare Awards.

Update: Now that we have a full-length pic of both, who do you think wears it better? Thanks ‘varsha’ for the pic tip-off.


Left: Lekha Washington At 56th South Filmfare Awards
Right: Shilpa Shetty At ITA Awards

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Ragalahari

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In Gauri and Nainika

I have to admit that as much as I am tired of Gauri-Nainika’s same ole designs, I really liked this version on Ramya (also known as Divya Spandana). I also liked that she let the gown stand out and omitted heavy jewellery. Now, if only she had skipped those multiple rings. Definitely, one of the better dressed ladies of the night.

P.S. Thanks ‘saya/preetha’ for the ID! Turns out we’ve featured her before and she shone then too! (see here)

P.P.S. Thanks ‘eclat’.


Left: Gauri and Nainika, Spring 2009
Right: Ramya at 56th South Filmfare Awards 2009


Ramya (a.k.a. Divya Spandana) at 56th South Filmfare Awards 2009

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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The Worst Knock Off Award…

… goes to Genelia who wears a dress that seems to have drawn a lot of inspiration from Balmain’s Fall 2009 collection. It ain’t a style that anyone can pull off but if you are going to try, at least keep it edgy! It’s not like the dress was great (it was ugly actually) but the rhinestone sandals and the necklace (which is way too traditional) make Genelia’s look even worse.

This is a WTHeyyy for us, folks. What about for you?

Update: The dress is a Neeta Lulla. Thanks ‘ashima’.


Left: Balmain, Fall 2009
Right: Genelia D’Souza at 56th South Filmfare Awards 2009

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At the 56th South Filmfare awards, Rambha wore a white Gauri and Nainika dress seen first on Deepika last year and seen on also on Katrina/Ash in other different colors (see here). If I weren’t so tired of seeing this dress again and again and if Rambha hadn’t overdone the white, I might have liked this one her.


Rambha at 56th South Filmfare Awards 2009


Left: Deepika Padukone at HT City Star Party
Right: Rambha at 56th South Filmfare Awards

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Tabu At 56th South Filmfare Awards: A First Look

It sure is a very plain and might we add very-run-of-the-mill kind of Manav Gangwani sari, but you can’t deny that Tabu wears it with ease and grace (even though that halter blouse is daringly low-cut). Now, imagine how much better she would be if she picked something better!


Tabu at 56th South Filmfare Awards

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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