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Tanushree, A Style Icon, NOT!


The picture above is of Tanushree Dutta at the Gitanjali-Wimbledon Tie-up and at the far far far end of my style icon list!

Do stylists have their own backdoor celebrity styling razzies, that they actually covet? How else can you explain poor Tanushree Dutta being turned out by her stylist looking like this? She looks like shiny leprechaun gold, that wandered far away from the pot at the end of the rainbow!

So, gold is in. As is metallic. But Ms. Dutta never heard of a nuance called ‘subtlety’. Nor the adage that ‘a little goes a long way’! And someone, quickly explain the pouch! Please.

Actually, don’t. Lets just pretend we never saw this.

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