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Kirron And Her ‘Batua’

At Woodstock Villa Premiere
At Dhoom Dhadaka Premiere

Kirron Kher always/usually dresses so well, and we love her design aesthetic, right down to her choice in pairing her jewelry with her saris or carrying ‘batuas’ instead of clutches…

But here’s the question for you, just for once would you like to see her change it up a bit??! And carry an actual clutch instead of that ‘batua’ again!? Or do you belong to the school of ‘why reinvent the wheel, what works, works!!”??

Edit: Yes, its a ‘batua’ and not a ‘jhola’! :) (apologies)

At Shefali Shah’s Bash
At Om Shanti Om Music Launch

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Flashback To The Underside Of Eighties

When Amrita Rao wore what she did at ‘My Name is Anthony Gonsalves’ press meet, we were appalled. And now Aarti Chhabria does the same at the premiere of ‘Dhoom Dhadaka’! What’s with grown women wearing prom dresses/ lil-girl-frocks with tiers or frills or bizarre volume, or all of them rolled into one?

By the slightest margin Aarti Chhabria does fare better, but wearing sheer panty-hose with open-toed footwear is such a major no-no!

Who according to you committed the bigger fashion offense?

Amrita Rao
Aarti Chhabria

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More WTHeyyy!

Shama Sikander in dress robes from Hogwarts? Arzoo Govitrikar in curtains from an old bed n’ breakfast in Ooty?

What else can you call the former’s yards of silk and the latter’s floral nightmare, but, “WTHeyyy”!!??!

Shama Sikander
Arzoo Govitrikar

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Is There Such A Thing…

… as wearing a Sari bad? There must be because Miss Afghanistan, Vida Samaszai sure makes it seem that way! Now, we totally do appreciate her for wearing a Sari, don’t see too many of those anymore, but its just the way she wears them… too much of sexuality and not enough of grace.

May 01, 08

May 04, 08

I think our favorite non-Indian to wear a Sari continues to be Liz Hurley, only cause she does it with so much ease, grace and poise!

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