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The Battle Of Pink

First it was Gauri with that hideous shade of neon pink/mauve lipstick at Farah Ali’s anniversary party/filmfare after-party that did absolutely nothing for her and now I spot Sameera Reddy in that shade of disaster!

While I can make no excuses for Gauri, except perhaps lack of mirrors and other shiny surfaces in her vicinity, what do you think of Sameera’s look?

For me, this round goes to Sameera owing purely to the ‘in-comparison-factor’!

You agree?

Gauri Khan

Sameera Reddy

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Choo, A Safe Bet?

Kahkashan Patel sure seems to like her Jimmy Choo clutch, just look at the number of times I have spotted her carrying it past few months! After a point I just lost patience but I can recollect at least a couple of other occasions where she carried it, pictures of which I haven’t posted…

At Bentley Launch

At Chivas Regal Fashion Tour

At MarcCain Fashion Show

At Farah Khan’s Filmfare After Party

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Where’s Your Bling?

Bling can go onto the strangest things, whether its on the smallest and cheapest (the shuffle) from the ipod family, tipping its price to $40,000 or on a handbag made with leather thats infused with 18k gold! There’s a commode that can bedazzle you or the toaster that can toast with the glimmer of a crystal! There’s of course the Playstation controller in solid white gold and diamonds, but what really takes the cake, are those toothpick sleeves which are diamond encrusted! Really, bling goes on everywhere and anywhere!!

Left: Swarovski Crystal Toaster
Right: Bedazzled Commode

Left: Gold And Diamond-Encrusted Toothpick Sleeves.
Right: Diamond And Gold Coated IPod Shuffle

Left: Diamond Encrusted Sony Playstation Controller
Right: The Zagliani Python Leather Handbag


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