Choo, A Safe Bet?

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Kahkashan Patel sure seems to like her Jimmy Choo clutch, just look at the number of times I have spotted her carrying it past few months! After a point I just lost patience but I can recollect at least a couple of other occasions where she carried it, pictures of which I haven’t posted…

At Bentley Launch

At Chivas Regal Fashion Tour

At MarcCain Fashion Show

At Farah Khan’s Filmfare After Party

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  1. I am a little sad with this post. On one hand starlets/has-beens/wannabes are shot down for having the money to buy expensive bags (see the recent anupama verma post), but then again they are booed when they repeat accessories/outfits. What are people to do when they are trying for roles and do not have that much money? Everyone is not lucky to be born in a rich family and some people just decide to spend there money in a more sane way than give it to already super rich western designers.

    I understand when it is people like karishma with money and fame repeating in a span of week. But all these starlets may not have all the money. Think before you make your snarky comments

  2. @ Anon #2

    Most of the posts on this blog are meant o be taken in a lighter vein and with a pinch of salt :) I am not commenting on the fact that she doesn’t have the money to buy more clutches (which am sure she has) nor is it a commentary on one’s financial choices (of how they decide to spend their money)… it is just a fun ‘point’ at ‘look they repeat too’!!

    I however can neither justify nor take accountability for how other readers choose to ‘comment’ on a post!!

  3. Her corset dress looks stunning….the other dress is also very attractive ..i guess its monisha jaisingh’s collection… she looks very attractive as always…


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