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Aishwarya at Pink Panther Premiere: A First Look

Here is a first look at Aishwarya on the pink carpet at the premiere of ‘Pink Panther 2’.

Looking great we must say. Your thoughts?

Update: Aishwarya is in Christian Dior. A different version was worn by Anne Hathaway during the The Creative Coalition’s 2009 Inaugural Ball.

Another Update: So, while I was clearly convinced because of the draping that Ash was in Dior, ‘Megan’ mentions that Ash is in Ferretti and now that I have had a look at this Ferretti on Franka, she is quite right! Thanks ‘Megan’!


Aishwarya Rai at ‘Pink Panther 2’ Premiere


Left: Aishwarya Rai at ‘Pink Panther 2’ Premiere
Right: Franka Potente at Cannes 2008


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In Swapnil Shinde

Turns out that Mugdha was also wearing Swapnil Shinde at the Dubai Premiere of ‘Fashion’.

Priyanka has Gavin Miguel, Kangana has Rick Roy, so why shouldn’t Mugdha have a favorite too!


Left and Center: Mugdha Godse, ‘Fashion’ Premiere in Dubai
Right: Swapnil Shinde, Spring 2009

P.S. Check her out wearing another Swapnil Shinde creation here.

Update: Added link.

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