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Turns out that Mugdha was also wearing Swapnil Shinde at the Dubai Premiere of ‘Fashion’.

Priyanka has Gavin Miguel, Kangana has Rick Roy, so why shouldn’t Mugdha have a favorite too!


Left and Center: Mugdha Godse, ‘Fashion’ Premiere in Dubai
Right: Swapnil Shinde, Spring 2009

P.S. Check her out wearing another Swapnil Shinde creation here.

Update: Added link.

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  1. Wow, stunning! she carries an already great dress very well. Looks like she has some real fashion sense because this dress really seems to elongate her short frame and make her look statuesque. Thumbs up!

  2. now that’s a standout looking black dress! Mugdha always wears pieces that are unique and bring out her personality…i like her accessories as well!

  3. I really enjoy the dress, very fierce. Would have preferred the straps on the shoulders, like the runway model, but that is a very minor, very small point.

  4. Fierce is right. Love it. Mughda should ease up a little on the makeup though because she has such strong features she could look a little “drag-ish” like in these photos.


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