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Say Cheers!

I am a martini purist and while I believe in the classic gin and olive combination, in a classic martini glass, just once in a while I do like to mix it up though! And for evenings like those, what can be better than the Cubist Martini Set from Red Envelope?

These glasses are designed in such a way that the conical end rests in the cube provided, and if you are worried that the warmth from your hand would spoil the perfect temperature of the drink then worry not, because the ice in the cube ensures that the drink stays cold. And we all know how important it is for a martini to be really, really cold!

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How great is the Cubist Vodka Set also from Red Envelope? These shot glasses nest in a great espresso colored tray which you can fill up with ice to keep them not only stable but also appropriately cold and very fashionable!

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With glasses like that, who wouldn’t raise a toast? Salut!

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