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Say Cheers!

I am a martini purist and while I believe in the classic gin and olive combination, in a classic martini glass, just once in a while I do like to mix it up though! And for evenings like those, what can be better than the Cubist Martini Set from Red Envelope?

These glasses are designed in such a way that the conical end rests in the cube provided, and if you are worried that the warmth from your hand would spoil the perfect temperature of the drink then worry not, because the ice in the cube ensures that the drink stays cold. And we all know how important it is for a martini to be really, really cold!

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How great is the Cubist Vodka Set also from Red Envelope? These shot glasses nest in a great espresso colored tray which you can fill up with ice to keep them not only stable but also appropriately cold and very fashionable!

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With glasses like that, who wouldn’t raise a toast? Salut!

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Watchu Gonna Do With All That Junk?

A couple years ago, I had a major crisis. I had too many earrings and I could never find anything. There would be many nights, where, I was rushing to get ready and at the final moment would never be able to find the pair of earrings I wanted to wear with my outfit! What would be worse, is that I would find it a day or two later! So I finally got fed up with the situation and decided to come up with a way to organize all my earrings rather than get mad.

So once I decided I had to organize my jewelry, I thought to myself, it can’t be that hard. There is definately something out there that will take care of all my “needs”. “Needs” meaning plenty of storage for all my earrings, which last time I counted were more than 50 or so. And on top of that, all of these earrings were of different sizes and different types.

Well, as I found out, there was nothing in the market that was just right for me. Most of the storage options were either too small or too generic. Either, they would have two rows each for necklaces, rings and earrings or they would have the same spacing if the storage piece was for earrings specifically.

Finally, I decided to build a solution by myself and am very proud of my invention. All it took was some thick paper that I bought from Michaels and I just pierced holes into the paper with the earrings. I stick this up on my wall with thumb tacks and voila.. I have an elegant solution for my earring clutter and now it’s so easy for me to find a pair! It takes care of all my chandelier earrings as well as my small earrings. I use the lower most end for the ones that have a loop style. Simple and cheap, isn’t it?

Now, if you prefer to buy something rather than organize yourself, I found some really cute alternatives available online now.

Buy via The Well Dressed Home

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Baby, Please.

Today I got an email from a hapless friend totally devoid of gift ideas, and of course, who comes to her rescue, but me. Now, anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that am a very ‘gift-giving’ sort of person..I love giving gifts (why lie,it sure doesn’t hurt to get back some either!!) and am always looking for fun and exciting gifts. I hate giving or getting stuff that has no apparant thought behind it; totally defies purpose then, don’t you think?

So anyway, the aforementioned friend needed gift ideas for a baby shower and for a newly born baby..and these gifts will be great for either occasion..

Tell me who isn’t a sucker for baby socks, those tiny, tiny little feet, and with the myriad of colors and prints available, it always makes me so happy just looking at them! And I know many new mothers who’d appreciate beautiful socks for their adorable babies. And that of course leads me to perfect gift number one. Just look at those socks, they come beautifully packaged in an egg carton (hows that for fun?) and the dozen socks come in bright, vibrant colors, that you know you’d love! I especially like the fact that the socks have rubber soles that prevent slipping. Form and function. Love it. And at $36 from Red Envelope it doesn’t hurt much either.

Buy Via Red Envelope.

And by now, you have to know, there is atleast one lux option to come. Read on.

I believe that you are never too young to start off with cashmere, and hey those little babies need some spoiling. So pamper them with beautiful, pure cashmere, cable knit blankets, and pray why not? The cashmere baby blankets from Red Envelope are lux and would make a great gift, and at $190, you aren’t exactly breaking the bank! You can choose between blue and pink and even have the blanket monogrammed. And that makes it a perfect gift idea, number two.

Buy Via Red Envelope.

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