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Clearly, its a look we’ve seen on runways many times before, but does it translate well into mainstream (the way the sari has been draped that is!)?? We do give her props for going the ‘different’ route though…

Chhaya Momaya

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Match Much?


Spotted Ramona Garware looking much coordinated, from her outfit to her Chanel bag to her YSL Tribute pumps, at Malini Ramani’s do. While we don’t care for how all three were put together, individually each of those, we love! Especially digging the shoes! (Incidentally, Natasha Khan has a pair too…)


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The Troika

We know by now that when it comes to personal style, Aarti Surendranath marches to her own tune, and keeping that in mind, this dress was no surprise! The ikat dress in itself is quite funky and we think it would have totally worked, on dare we say, someone younger??!!

Sabina of course went with yet another black outfit, but after seeing her last appearance in the color, we’d take this ‘lbd’ any day!

We’ve always appreciated Kadambari Lakhani’s penchant for not wearing the same ol’ lil’ black dress but this one somehow didn’t quite do it for us! Perhaps its that strange black detailing at the neckline thats ruining it for us…

Now tell us what you think…

aarti-surendranath-malini-ramani-axe-party.jpg sabina-chopra-malini-ramani-axe-party.jpg

L To R: Aarti Surendranath, Sabina Chopra, Kadambari Lakhani

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