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We know by now that when it comes to personal style, Aarti Surendranath marches to her own tune, and keeping that in mind, this dress was no surprise! The ikat dress in itself is quite funky and we think it would have totally worked, on dare we say, someone younger??!!

Sabina of course went with yet another black outfit, but after seeing her last appearance in the color, we’d take this ‘lbd’ any day!

We’ve always appreciated Kadambari Lakhani’s penchant for not wearing the same ol’ lil’ black dress but this one somehow didn’t quite do it for us! Perhaps its that strange black detailing at the neckline thats ruining it for us…

Now tell us what you think…

aarti-surendranath-malini-ramani-axe-party.jpg sabina-chopra-malini-ramani-axe-party.jpg

L To R: Aarti Surendranath, Sabina Chopra, Kadambari Lakhani

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  1. bingo!my thought was the same for the first dress…someone younger…orr maybe a bit skinnier could carry this off very well…but on her it just looks wrong… other two… not worthy writing abt…

  2. why does sabina always look bored? i like her sleeves, but thats about it.. dont like any of the other dresses, tho the ladies have great legs!

  3. A Katrina would have made Aarti’s dress sing. Sabina’s is unexceptional… don’t mind Kadambari’s too much… But she has really thin legs!

  4. its amazing how Indians like the use the phrase “some one younger or dress for her age” You will never see that in the western media, only in India are we so ageist about WOMEN…I think all look great, Arthi could be a little thinner, and Sabina looks good and the last lady lovely face, and okay dress….but please ladies GET OUT OF THIS AGE THING WE PERSIST ON HAVING….WE women seem to be our own worst enemies.

  5. @Adit, Dressing appropriately for age and occasion and bodyshape is a basic of dressing well. It’s not about being ageist or sexist: I’d be equally aghast if a 40-plus man insisted on dressing like a teenager (case in point: Akkibaba in pinstriped cut-offs).

  6. To adit: I have to agree with you on ur previous statement. Western media does comment on celebs dressing not age appropriately. Case in point: the gorgeous singer Mariah Carey. She constantly gets targeted for her bad dressing. In the show “What not to wear”, the two hosts alwys tell someone in older in 30s or even younger than tht to not wear dresses above thier knees. It’s just a fashion rule and a good rule at tht.

  7. Nice dresses. I would be compromising on garments such as shorts and mini dresses after a certain age. As for the fahsion rules, here’s a borrowed quote from Buddha as a reminder if u already know.
    Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your common sense.
    I don’t know if it’s relevant here, but my point is you don’t need to blindly follow some rules because so and so said it or made it, but if you agree with it and find it good, then that’s ok.

  8. trinny and suzanna are brilliant at their job …so brilliant that at the BAFTA awards last year dressed like Euro trash.and got thrammed by the British press…coming back to my earlier statment, its not what you wear but the way you wear it…so these women may not be dressed badly for their age, but just badly..big difference there. Mariah Carey was picked on her cleavage revealing outfits which had nothing to do with age, but more to do with the inappropriateness of the situation, afterall nobody picks on Madonna for her outfits …becos she has a great body, and can carry off anything she wears.


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